Hello, we're Laughtercise;
it's ever so nice to meet you.

We light up the NHS. We super-charge UK business teams. We fire-up teachers. And we get children all around the world electrified with energy! We've also launched sessions in 2022 for Hen Parties. We've grown so fast that we've outgrown our website (update coming soon!). If you're looking to book a Teacher Workshop or a Hen Party, just get in touch. For anything else, click away below!


We’re about worldwide wiggles and global giggles. We're proud to be one of the world’s fastest growing feel-good wellbeing brands. We’ve delivered sessions and videos to adults and children in 84 countries.

We’re about teams coming together and connecting through laughter

We’re about children doing what they love; being playful

Lift off with laughter and ignite the feel-good

Go on...make the rocket take-off. You know you want to...

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We’re about lifting everyone up with energy, smiles, zen and chuckles

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