Are you planning some icebreaker games for adults at work?

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Icebreaker Games For Team Building – Top Ranking Google Resources


If you type ‘Icebreaker Games’ into Google, these are the top 2 ranking blogs:


59 Icebreaker Games (that your team won’t find cheesy)

70 fun (not cheesy) Icebreaker Games Your Team Will Enjoy


59?! 70???!! 🤯 Who has the time to sift through 70 examples??!! Well, we’ve sifted through all the examples on the top ranking blogs and most of them are, in fact, rather cheesy and not particularly ‘laugh your head off’ fun (and we have proof from industry leading research to back that up).

What we’re trying to say is… ✅ we’ve done the work for you ✅

We want to help you to get your teams looking like the teams below 👇


team playing icebreaker game activity    team playing icebreaker game activity

team playing icebreaker game activity    team playing icebreaker game activity


My name is Aaron and I run Laughtercise. It’s great to have you here reading this resource! Below you will find 2 of the very best icebreaker team building games. Just 2.

QUALITY, not quantity.


❌ If you want the safe option, get back searching on Google my friend ❌

✅ If you want to have your mentality towards Icebreakers challenged, keep reading ✅

This blog is disruptive and challenges the status quo.

Ready to jump in and break the ice…? 😁


Is it time to ditch the word Icebreaker…?


We’ve all been there…walked into a team meeting… and we’re confronted with someone saying this:

“Ok, let’s start with an icebreaker!”

Followed, by something like this:

“Let’s all write down three really interesting facts about ourselves, two true facts and one false. And then we have to guess which facts are true and false! It’ll be really fun!”

And nearly everyone in the room collectively cringes inside 🤢


Icebreaker Activity Research & Top Tips


icebreaker activity tip graphic


Pretty tough reading huh? But, let’s not be disheartened. We shouldn’t step away from opening meetings with a quick team building activity 👇


icebreaker activity tip graphic


You might be thinking ‘wait, this resource has ‘Icebreaker’ in the title, but you want me ditch the word?’

Yes please! The tricky thing about Google is that, if we didn’t name this resource the way we did, you wouldn’t have found it. So we had to be tricky!

It’s a challenging for tip 1, but get icebreaker ditched (your team will thank you for it!).

Right, so let’s start planning your ⚡Energiser⚡


icebreaker activity tip graphic


Are you feeling brave? I hope so. Because it’s now time to be brave…


icebreaker activity tip graphic


Below are two examples of great ⚡Energisers⚡. They require a few purchases and planning time, but they will be worth it.

Have you ever put a paper plate on your head and attempted to draw a picture on it? The answer is probably not, but it makes for a brilliant energiser 👇



You will need:

📍 1 paper plate (or piece of card) per person

📍 1 pen per person


📍 Step 1 – Instruct everyone to put their paper plate on their head 

📍 Step 2 – Instruct everyone to draw a picture on the paper plate. You can pick what picture they draw. Maybe you’re talking about customer care and you can get everyone to draw a smiling customer. Or if it’s Easter, get them to draw an Easter egg

📍 Step 3 – Instruct everyone to write their name underneath their drawing

📍 Step 4 – Give them 1 minute and get them to draw!

📍 Step 5 – After 1 minute, ask everyone to remove the plate and show to everyone around them 

This is what your team will look like playing this game 👇

team playing icebreaker game    team playing icebreaker game


Have you ever got your team battling it out over cups…? This game is absolutely wild!

❌ BE WARNED ❌ this game will create a huge amount of competition!



You will need:

📍 Paper cups (1 per two people)

📍 To line up tables so everyone can be facing each other (like in the videos)


📍 Instruct each person to face another person

📍 Tell everyone that you will be shouting out ‘head’, ‘shoulders’ and ‘knees’ and they have to follow the instruction

📍 Tell everyone that when you shout ‘cup’, they have to grab the cup. First person to grab it wins!

📍 Rotate everyone so they don’t continually face the same person

📍 Tell everyone to count how many wins they have!

This is what your team will look like playing this game 👇

team playing icebreaker activity cup game    team playing icebreaker activity cup game

team playing icebreaker activity cup game     team playing icebreaker activity cup game


For more energiser ideas check out our full guide to Team Building Activities for more inspiration.

On to your last tip and we’ll keep this one short…


icebreaker activity tip graphic


And that’s your 4 tips ✅


Come on, it’s time for change people! Let’s change how we do Icebreakers and Team Building Activities 💡

No more awkward groans 🥱

No more cringing faces 🤢

It’s time for energy ⚡️

It’s time for personality 😝

It’s time…

…to break the ice!


Fancy some more team building ideas? Check out our full guide to Team Building Activities.

You might end up getting your team looking like this 👇



Would you like to get your team ‘Laughtercised’?

team smiling after team building session    team smiling after team building session



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Have fun!

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