6 Days. 13 NHS Laughtercise Sessions πŸ’™

Written by Aaron

Laughtercise Owner & Thunderbolt of Fun

How many NHS smiles can be crammed into 6 days?

To answer, Team Laughtercise embarked on a journey around 6 NHS Trusts in May 2024:



Leadership events, student events, team away days, international nurses day…WE WERE THERE πŸ’™

We were aiming for 500 smiles. Read on to see if we hit our goal…πŸ˜€


Session 1, Wednesday 8th May – Neonatal Team @ UHCWΒ 

Harriet kicked things off delivering an ‘Energiser’ session to a team who protect and save the lives of babies. They broke a Laughtercise record. Earning the No.1 slot on our Neonatal leaderboard πŸ†

Feedback from the organiser: “It was a brilliant session, just what the team needed to have fun and connect!”

😁 8 smiles to start the ball rolling! 😁


Session 2, Wednesday 8th May – Orthopedic Therapy Team @ St Cross Hospital

2 sessions in 1 day for Harriet. Next up, some more record breakers took part in our ‘super-charger’ session. They broke the St Cross record for the Laughtercise ‘Gimme 10’ game πŸ₯‡

13 record breakers and 13 more smiles!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 21 😁


Session 3, Wednesday 8th May – West Midlands Ambulance Service

Β  Β  Β 

It’s over to Aaron and over to Birmingham. 90 ambulance staff ready to be energised in our ‘conference captivator’ session. 30-mins of fun filled activities, ending with our ‘last person standing’ challenge. It took a while! They were a smart bunch!

Feedback from the orgainser: “It went down so well especially after lunch. The feedback I received was amazing. The feeling and buzz was unreal in the room, everybody just got involved and competitive!Β 

90 more NHS smiles!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 111 😁


Session 4, Thursday 9th May –Β  Team Endoscopy @ Worcestershire Acute

Harriet was back at it, this time at Worcestershire Acute with the Endoscopy team for a full 2.5hr ‘all inclusive’ session! They tied one of the records for Worcestershire Acute!

Keep counting, 12 more NHS smiles (2 people not included in the picture)!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 123 😁


Session 5, Thursday 9th May –Β  International Nurses Pastoral Day @ UHCW

Β  Β 

International nurses. 2 weeks in the country. New to the UK. New to the NHS. Aaron got the chance to give them a wonderful welcome with lots of fun in our ‘energiser’ session. They were another record breaking team, breaking our International Nurses record for our ‘Pass the Clap’ game!

7 more NHS smiles (1 person not included in the picture)!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 130 😁


Session 6, Friday 10th May –Β  International Nurses Celebration Day 2024 @ UHCW

International Nurses Day smiles in 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…😁

As you can see from the above, it was time to ramp up the fun with another of our ‘conference captivator’ sessions!

32 nurses. An auditorium full of energy. We love nurses πŸ’™

Β Β Β  Β 


32. Add them to the count!!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 162 😁


Session 7, Friday 10th May –Β  International Nurses Celebration Day @ CWPT


Aaron had to zip across Coventry fast to see the nurses at CWPT. And it was a big session! 130 nurses enjoyed our ‘conference captivator’ session. As you can see, they certainly enjoyed the brain games! 😁

Feedback from the organiser: “WOW, the feeling in the room was incredible!”

130, it nearly doubled our total!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 292 😁


Session 8, Monday 13th May –Β  Student Event @ Worcestershire Acute

Β  Β  Β 

Next up were 90 students at Worcestershire Acute for another of our ‘conference captivator’ sessions. Harriet rocked her energy and boosted energy levels for the afternoon!

90 more smiles!!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 382 😁


Session 9, Tuesday 14th May – Neonatal Team @ UHCWΒ 

There was a battle on in our ‘energiser’ session!!! Competitive mode was switched on in Kim’s Neonatal team πŸ‘‡


The previous Neonatal record for our ‘Gimme 10’ game, set just days previously, got smashed too!

Β  Β 

Feedback from Kim: “It was wonderful to see all the team smiling; the games were so good!”

9 lovely Neonatal smiles!!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 391 😁


Session 10, Wednesday 15th May – Emergency Department @ UHCW

Β  Β Β 

Next up was an ‘energiser’ session at UHCW. Aaron made sure he was on top form for people who save lives every day. An ED record was broken. There was whooping and hollering.

16 beautiful Emergency Department smiles!!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 407 😁


Session 11, Wednesday 15th May – Medical Assessment Unit @ UHCW

Β  Β 

Aaron had a quick dash across the hospital. The MAU team were waiting. Waiting for some fun. And fun was delivered. Also delivered was another record!!! The team broke a UHCW record and ranked No.8 on our overall NHS leaderboard πŸ†

10 record breaking smiles!!

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 417 😁


Session 12, Wednesday 15th May – Leadership Event @ BCHC

This was our biggest ‘Conference Captivator’ session of the week. 155 NHS staff at a Leadership Event. Aaron was a tad nervous as he walked in the room! Watch the video below to hear the energy of 155 smiles and laughs πŸ‘‡


A whopping 155 smiles to break the 500 mark!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ₯³

😁 Amount of smiles so far = 572 😁


Session 13, Wednesday 15th May – Clinical Knowledge Team @ RBHT

Last, but certainly not least, was a ‘Super-Charger’ session for the Clinical Knowledge Team at RBHT. As you can see from the picture, Harriet loved the session 😁

Feedback from the orgainser: “IT WAS BRILLIANT!! Harriet was simply AMAZING!!! And the team gave VERY good feedback.”

32 move lovely NHS smiles!


😁 Total amount of smiles = 604 😁


We cherished every smile πŸ’™


Written by Team Laughtercise,

Aaron & Harriet


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