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Written by Aaron Betesta

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

I like you. You earn a tick from Team Laughtercise already βœ… You’re looking to give your team a Corporate Wellbeing Workshop. You’re a good egg. And we like good eggs at Laughtercise πŸ‘

Corporate Wellbeing. It’s been a hot topic since the pandemic. And it’s a hot topic for employees. Which makes it a hot topic for you. But that’s why you’re here, right?

My name is Aaron and I want to support you in your goal of enhancing the wellbeing of your team. FAQ’s about corporate wellbeing workshops, tips and resources for creating your own in-house wellbeing workshop and sourcing a wellbeing workshop company…this resource has it all πŸ’ͺ

If you’re ready to dive into everything to do with wellbeing for employees, put your hands up 😁

team doing seated yoga Β  team doing seated yoga



Why is corporate wellbeing important?


Corporate wellbeing is important because significantly overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out employees equals a low performing organisation.

In a recent study on corporate wellbeing:

  • 37% of employees feel overwhelmed at work over half the time
  • 37% of employees feel burnout at work over half the time
  • 39% feel stressed at work over half the time

Now, I’m guessing you’re looking into having a workshop because the words ‘overwhelmed’, ‘burnout’ &Β ‘stressed’ are words that your team are currently using when describing their work and you want to support them. Or maybe they don’t currently use them and you’re keen to ensure they don’t use them in the future? Maybe you don’t want them to use at all?



Corporate Wellbeing Workshops – Delivered by Wellness Companies


Here are some wellbeing workshop companies that deliver a plethora of wellbeing workshop activities:

Wellness Workshops by Stress Matters

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops by AXA Health

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops by A-Life Workshops


But you’re here. We’re Laughtercise. And we have unique Wellbeing Workshops.

The providers above? Pah. They have nothing on us. We’ve listed them, but forget about them! 😁

We’re the most impactful team wellbeing provider in the UK and here are 5 reasons why.


It’s time for your team to be ⚑ Laughtercised ⚑ and get your team looking like the below πŸ‘‡

team smiling Β  team smiling

team smilingΒ  Β team smiling


Laughtercise Wellbeing Workshop


Our Wellbeing Workshops don’t just exercise minds and bodies. They Laughtercise minds and bodies.

nhs staff smiling


How do our workshops make people feel?

Like this πŸ‘‡


And this πŸ‘‡

team smiling Β  team smiling

team smilingΒ  Β  team smiling


There are three parts to a full Laughtercise Wellbeing WorkshopΒ πŸ‘‡


Part 1: Laughtercise Team Wellbeing Session

This element is all about getting those social, physical and mental wellbeing boxes ticked βœ…βœ…βœ…

It’s about giving your team a stress-release and to give them beaming smiles. Click here for everything included.

This is one of our warm-up activities πŸ‘‡ Try it. it’s harder than it looks!

graphic for brain game


This is what a team looks (and sounds like) while playing it in a workshop πŸ‘‡


Next activity in 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…


And now it’s time for maximum fun 😁😁😁😁

The below activities are very different and unconventional for wellbeing workshops. Maximum team fun = maximum team smiles = maximum team wellbeing!

Just imagine your team enjoying the games below and how good they would feel after πŸ‘‡πŸ˜



Part 2: Laughtercise Fun Seated Yoga Session

It’s now time to stretch, take some deep breaths and double tick those social, mental and physical wellbeing boxes βœ…βœ…βœ…

Harriet, our Laughtercise Yogi, delivers an hour of fun seated yoga. Check out the below video we’ve produced online and you will then get a feel for what the session would look like in your workshop πŸ‘‡ Can you do 10 poses in 10 minutes? πŸ˜€


Hands up if you love Laughtercise Yoga! πŸ‘‡

team doing seated yoga Β  team doing seated yoga


Part 3: Laughtercise Fun Mindfulness Session

It’s now time to fully breathe in the stress-release and let it sink into every cell (and treble tick those boxes! βœ…βœ…βœ…). Harriet will guide your team through 1hr of mindfulness and give 10 tips on how to add mindfulness into their lives. It’s a very fun and different approach to mindfulness!

team at workshopΒ  Β  team at workshop


Feedback: Laughtercise Wellbeing Workshop

Our corporate wellbeing workshops are usually the highlight of any wellbeing event. Check out how we lit up a NHS wellbeing event recently.Β 

We are almost the official stress-busters of Amazon, the NHS and hundreds of corporate companies:

“the most fun I’ve ever had at work”

“the whole team are still chuckling about our session, it’s the best team event we’ve ever been to”

“we will remember and talk about it forever”

“it gave me a wellbeing boost that lasted the entire day”


3 workshops in a day graphic

nhs team smilingΒ  Β Β  nhs team smiling


FAQs: Laughtercise Wellbeing Workshops

Q. Can you cover the whole of the UK?

A. Yes we sure can!

Q. Are there any minimum or maximum numbers?

A. There are no minimum or maximum limit to how many people can attend

Q. How long does a workshop last?

A. It can last anywhere between 1hr-4hrs (depending on how much time you have available)

Q. How much does a workshop cost?

A. Our workshops start from Β£595 but please get in touch for a quote specific to you

Q. Do we have to have all three elements of a Laughtercise Wellbeing Workshop?

A. No not at all! You can pick just 1 or 2 and that will be reflected in the price.

Get in touch to get your team Laughtercised! 😁 We’d be happy to answer any questions!


Corporate Wellbeing Workshops – Delivered In-House


How do I create a corporate wellbeing workshop for my employees?


To create a corporate wellbeing workshop you need to start with the 4 pillars of workplace wellbeing. When it comes to wellbeing workshop ideas, you want to ensure you tick ALL 4 boxes. Maybe more of a focus on some than others, but all of them should be ticked βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…


In-house Wellbeing Workshop Ideas


Whether you work in a small or large organisation, you will be able to tap into the wisdom and resources that your colleagues can provide:

πŸ“ Mental WellbeingΒ 

Have you got a colleague who has qualifications in psychology or mental health? Would they be willing to pull a presentation together? Would you have team members willing to share stories about their mental health journey for everyone to learn from?

πŸ“ Physical Wellbeing

Any qualified personal trainers in the house? Any Yoga teachers? Would they be willing to deliver a session…?

πŸ“ Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing is a broad area. A social wellbeing activity at a wellbeing workshop can be anything that gets everyone, well…social. Would there be anyone willing to put together a fun wellbeing quiz, for example?

πŸ“ Financial Wellbeing

Are any team members financially astute and consider themselves a bit of a Martin Lewis? πŸ˜€ Simple tips to save money can be very useful for many people.


In-house Wellbeing Workshop Activities


Below are free activities from wellbeing businesses and organisations that you can insert into your wellbeing workshop:


πŸ“ Mental WellbeingΒ 

‘8 things to do to improve your mental health’ 6min video from Psych2Go


πŸ“ Physical Wellbeing

10-minute follow along Seated Yoga session from Laughtercise


πŸ“ Social Wellbeing

‘Brain Buzz’ exercises from Laughtercise

Fun paper plate team building game from Laughtercise


πŸ“ Financial Wellbeing

10 great money saving tips from Barclays

Information about the ‘too good to go app’ which lets people get unsold food at a third of the price

Energy saving tips from Martin Lewis


FAQ’s About Workplace Wellbeing Workshops


What are the 4 pillars of workplace wellbeing?

The 4 pillars of workplace wellbeing are mental, physical, social & financial wellbeing.


How can managers support workplace wellbeing?

The trick is how we approach work. Our attitude. How we help our team manage stressful times so they don’t feel burned out. It’s about improving. It’s about perspective. It’s about getting them support. And that support can be from management and businesses supporting their teams with resources that help them to manage their stress levels. It’s about you are aware of their teams workload and flexing accordingly.


What is the purpose of a corporate wellbeing workshop?

The purpose of a corporate wellbeing workshop is to provide resources and different perspectives to employees so they can manage their wellbeing better going forward.

It’s about being comfortable and accepting of stress and negative emotions. They’re here. They’re not going away.

But stress and negative emotions can certainly be reduced. They can be managed better. A corporate wellbeing workshop provides the tools and resources to do this.

Wellbeing workshop activities also give the team a chance to down tools, bond outside of normal working routines and generally get a dose of feel-good.


⭐ And that’s a wellbeing wrap! ⭐

But don’t leave yet! We have more resources for you! πŸ‘‡


πŸ“ A complete guide to Team Building Activities

πŸ“ Ideas to smash a Corporate Away Day

πŸ“ Energisers For Conferences


With or without Laughtercise, we hope you absolutely smash your wellbeing workshop! πŸ’ͺ


Yours Smilingly & Laughingly,

Aaron & Team Laughtercise


Whether you’re looking for a unique hen do idea for your hen crew orΒ a corporate team building workshop for your team, a Laughtercise session is all about creating as many smiles and laughter in your group as humanely possible!

We’ve scoured the world for the best exercises, activities and games that bring out smiles and giggles.

We would love to tell you that we’ve invented loads of activities but we haven’t invented ANYTHING. We’ve taken the best that exists, combined it together and made it better…our very own original recipe.

Simple ideas, simple games, all facilitated expertly.

We deliver sessions in-person or online.

Is your room small? Is it large? Inside? Outside? We’ll be there! We will work around you.

For team building sessions, we can come to your office or away day location. For hen parties, we can come to your accommodation or a private room that you’ve booked.

πŸ“ Our Corporate Team Building Workshops vary from 10-minute energising conferences sessions to full away day sessions of 4hs

πŸ“ Our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops can vary in length from 1hr to 3hrs

πŸ“ Our Online Team Building Workshops can vary in length from 30mins to 1.5hrs

πŸ“ For online sessions, the attendee limit is 1000.

πŸ“ For in-person sessions, the only limit is how much room you have (the more the merrier!)

Our prices vary depending on the number of attendees, how long the session is for and where the session is held.

We can guarantee you this though…in terms of bang for buck, you’ll get a sonic boom πŸ’₯

Let’s get some time to discuss, get in touch πŸ˜€

Our Corporate Team Building Workshops have been described as β€˜the most fun I’ve ever had at work’ by Amazon employees and in a recent NHS study, 77% of NHS session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their Laughtercise session.

Hens love Laughtercise too πŸ‘‡

“It was so good, everyone loved it. We all highly recommend, the Laughtercise Team are an absolute dream. It was INCREDIBLE”

But the only way to truly find out, is to dive in and get smiling! 😁

We will rock your world ⚑

Yes, loads!

Take your pick πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Β Team Building ActivitiesΒ that you can facilitate in-house

πŸ“ Ideas to smash your Corporate Away Day

πŸ“ Energisers For Conferences

πŸ“ 5 Hen Party Games that you can facilitate yourself

πŸ“ NHS Staff Wellbeing resource for NHS wellbeing leads and staff




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