Unique Hen Do Idea – Laughtercise!

Written by Harriet

Facilitator of Fun - Laughtercise For Hen Parties

If you’re looking for unique hen do ideas or unusual hen do ideas, you’re in the right place ✅

Would you like your bride and hen crew to have belly laughter like this? 👇


Would you like them to have beaming smiles like this? 👇


And would you like them to look like this? 👇


Was that a yes, yes and yes?

We sure hope so. Because if it is, it’s time to get your bride and hen crew 💥 LAUGHTERCISED 💥



Unique Hen Do Idea (Laughtercise!)


Laughtercise sessions for hen parties are about two things: beaming smiles and belly laughter!

Have you got hens that won’t meet each other until the hen do?

What better way to bond than through a huge amount of giggles!


Our sessions are full of unique hen party activities that create a humongous amount of smiles, giggles and competition! It’s basically drinking games, but professionally facilitated!


Question – Which of the hens in your crew has the strongest pout? 👇😁


Just imagine your hen crew looking and sounding like this 👇


Hens all over the UK love Laughtercise 👇

“I will never forget my hen weekend because of all the laughs doing Laughtercise. They smashed it to a whole new level of fun”

“It was so good, everyone loved it. We all highly recommend, the Laughtercise Team are an absolute dream. It was INCREDIBLE”

“Just brilliant, my cheeks ache from laughing!”


Would you like to know wat’s included in a session? Well, they are full of…

Unique Hen Party Activities!

We kick-off sessions with warm-up ‘energising’ activities that get your hens bodies and minds ready for the fun ahead. The activities are challenging. The brilliant thing is that, because everyone is doing them together (and making mistakes) hilarity ensues. This is one of our first activities 👇 Try it. it’s harder than it looks!


And this is what a group looks (and sounds like) while playing it 👇

(Please note that most of our video footage is from our team building sessions with businesses because professional videographers have provided us with footage. The impact on hens is exactly the same 😁)


Has that got you warmed up? It’s time to step up the fun! Hen hilarity in ‘7,6,5,4,3,2,1’…


It’s time to step up the difficulty! Below is one of our ‘opposite’ games. We give commands to your hens and they have to do the opposite command. The nurses below are doing level 4 where clap/click and hoho/haha are opposite. Sounds a bit mad huh? But it works a right treat 👇


Are you feeling suitably energised?

It’s time to make things competitive with our ‘Unique Hen Party Timed Challenges’! 🏆

We have a leaderboard for these challenges. Can your hen crew beat the times of other hen crews…? 💪

Check out groups playing these challenges 👇


This is Tarot and her hen crew 👇 They hold the records for two of our challenges. We told them you think you can beat them. They said “no chance!”…😁


Has that got you in the competitive spirit?

It’s time for your hen crew to get competitive vs each other with our ‘Unique Hen Party Competitive Games!’

We split your hen crew into two teams and pit them against each other…till the death.

Only joking.

Or are we…?


The only way to describe these games is that they are drinking games. No alcohol is involved (that’s for later!), but all the exhilaration remains! It will certainly get your hens ready to grin before the gin!

The two teams are against each other and compete for points. All the points are towards the ‘Grand Finale’ (more on that soon…).

Here is, without doubt, the most exhilarating game in a Laughtercise session. It’s called ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, CUP!’ And it’s wild 👇


Tissue boxes. Not much fun are they. Well, we’re saying they are. This game is one of our ’empty the box’ games. And it’s messy 👇


Congratulations! You’ve made it. You’ve reached the ‘Grand Finale’.

This is the main attraction. Maximum competitiveness. Maximum fun.

Our ‘Grand Finale’ is a relay and every hen has their part to play. Each point the two teams have won in all the games so far are worth one second. If Team A has 20 points and Team B has 10 points, Team A get a 10 second head start.

Rather than describe it further, it’s best you watch it in action 😁



The team that wins are crowned the winners 🏆

The losers can no longer attend the wedding 😂


Unique Hen Weekend Idea (our promise!)


💥 We will be the most unique hen weekend idea you’ve ever booked or seen 💥


Unique Hen Do Ideas At Home

If you’re hosting your own hen party, and are looking for unique hen do ideas at home and games to facilitate yourself, check out our hen party games ideas


FAQ’s About Our Sessions

Q. Where can a session be held?

A. We can come to your cottage, apartment, house…anywhere where there’s a reasonable amount of space. We can even come to a bar (if you have a private area)

Q. Are there any minimum or maximum numbers?

A. The minimum number is 6 and there is no maximum

Q. How long does a session last?

A. Your session time can last anywhere between 1hr-2hrs (depending on how time and budget you have)

Q. How much does a session cost?


1-hr sessions:

10 hens or less: £360
11-15 hens: £36 per hen
16+ hens: £34 per hen

2-hr sessions:

10 hens or less: £520
11-15 hens: £52 per hen
16+ hens: £48 per hen

We can cover just about the whole of England & Wales (and Glasgow & Edinburgh if you’re a large group!). Please note that for the more rural of areas, especially around the coasts, it may cost a little bit more due to travel time and costs.


We will leave you with more photos to give you an idea of what your hens will look like as they get ‘Laughtercised’ 😁




With or without us, we hope you absolutely smash your hen party for your bride! 💥 Have fun!

Love Team Laughtercise


Whether you’re looking for a unique hen do idea for your hen crew or a corporate team building workshop for your team, a Laughtercise session is all about creating as many smiles and laughter in your group as humanely possible!

We’ve scoured the world for the best exercises, activities and games that bring out smiles and giggles.

We would love to tell you that we’ve invented loads of activities but we haven’t invented ANYTHING. We’ve taken the best that exists, combined it together and made it better…our very own original recipe.

Simple ideas, simple games, all facilitated expertly.

We deliver sessions in-person or online.

Is your room small? Is it large? Inside? Outside? We’ll be there! We will work around you.

For team building sessions, we can come to your office or away day location. For hen parties, we can come to your accommodation or a private room that you’ve booked.

📍 Our Corporate Team Building Workshops vary from 10-minute energising conferences sessions to full away day sessions of 4hs

📍 Our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops can vary in length from 1hr to 3hrs

📍 Our Online Team Building Workshops can vary in length from 30mins to 1.5hrs

📍 For online sessions, the attendee limit is 1000.

📍 For in-person sessions, the only limit is how much room you have (the more the merrier!)

Our prices vary depending on the number of attendees, how long the session is for and where the session is held.

We can guarantee you this though…in terms of bang for buck, you’ll get a sonic boom 💥

Let’s get some time to discuss, get in touch 😀

Our Corporate Team Building Workshops have been described as ‘the most fun I’ve ever had at work’ by Amazon employees and in a recent NHS study, 77% of NHS session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their Laughtercise session.

Hens love Laughtercise too 👇

“It was so good, everyone loved it. We all highly recommend, the Laughtercise Team are an absolute dream. It was INCREDIBLE”

But the only way to truly find out, is to dive in and get smiling! 😁

We will rock your world ⚡

Yes, loads!

Take your pick 👇

📍 Team Building Activities that you can facilitate in-house

📍 Ideas to smash your Corporate Away Day

📍 Energisers For Conferences

📍 5 Hen Party Games that you can facilitate yourself

📍 NHS Staff Wellbeing resource for NHS wellbeing leads and staff




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