Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

Written by Harriet

Facilitator of Fun - Laughtercise For Hen Parties

Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages!

Where to start?! 😫

So much to think about.

So many options for activities.

So many people of varying ages to please.

Are you cursing the day you said yes to organising this hen party or are you taking it all in your stride? 😁

Organising a Hen Party is rewarding but stressful…

Hi πŸ‘‹ my name is Harriet and I’m around a lot of hens as I deliver Laughtercise for Hen Parties sessions, so I fully understand how stressful planning a hen party is. On one hand you can give your best friend a wonderful experience that she will remember forever, but on the other hand you’ve got so much to think about.

As you’ve googled ‘Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages’ or ‘Hen Party Ideas For All Ages’ you and your hen crew have most likely decided one of the following:

πŸ“ Two separate hen parties, one for everyone/all ages (more on the chilled side) and another for the younger hens (more on the wild side)

πŸ“ One hen party for everyone/all ages that will be more on the chilled side and cater for everyone

Either way…You’ve got a hen party for all ages to plan.

You’ve got the mother of the bride to think about (and she’s bringing her sisters), some young and hip 16 year old’s want to come too and then there are your fellow late 20’s bridesmaids (who are being quite competitive and opinionated about everything!).

Planning food? You’ll most likely have vegans and coeliac’s to think about.

Planning a physical activity? You’ll most likely have people with limited mobility to think about.

How do you please everyone?!

The first thing to focus on is this πŸ‘‰ you will not completely please everyone

It’s impossible. Never been done at a Hen Party. Think about it…have you ever been to a hen party (or a wedding) where everyone was completely pleased?

Say it to yourself: I will not completely please everyone (this will help with the stress and anxiety!)

There will always be negative nancies (we all know them) who find fault with something and sound like this πŸ‘‡

‘The activity was ok, but I would have done a better job at finding something’

‘The bar we went to was draughty’

‘The pillows at the cottage weren’t fluffy enough’

‘No one brought decaffeinatedΒ tea bags’

As we look at some activities, let’s have this as our goal shall we πŸ‘‡

‘To have activities that will please everyone as much as possible’

In other words, imagine Goldilocks is coming to your hen party. Pick activities that are not too physical, but not too gentle, nothing too wild, but nothing too tame. But let’s be clear, goldilocks ain’t gettin no porridge! 😁

Six Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

Bottomless Brunch

πŸ“ Hens can choose their level of ‘bottomless’ (prosecco comes to mind here!)

πŸ“ It’s a great way to have drinks without the heavy music of a nighttime bar experience

From my experience, Turtle Bay do a great bottomless brunch and are in plenty of locations, click here to have a look. However, Bottomless Brunches are very popular and most big bar chains offer them.


πŸ“ Maximum giggles and guaranteed to be remembered forever! Laughtercise sessions have been loved by thousands of Hens, NHS Staff, Amazon Staff, College Students, Business Employees, containing people of varying ages πŸ‘ˆ which is very important to note 😁

πŸ“ See how unique Laughtercise for Hen Party sessions are and check out the video below for some belly laughter from hens πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ Just imagine the wild laughter the below game would create within your hen party πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ A Hen Party Laughtercise session can cater for all levels of mobility. There is plenty of physical activity, but not too much (goldilocks will like Laughtercise 😁)

πŸ“ How competitive are your hens…? How fast will they be?! πŸ˜πŸ‘‡

Cocktail Making Class

πŸ“ Who doesn’t like a lovely tasting cocktail?? You can be 90 or 19 and you’ll find cocktails or mocktails lovely

πŸ“ You can do it anywhere – at home, in a hen cottage or at a bar

πŸ“ If some of your hens don’t drink alcohol, they can make mocktails

πŸ“ If some of your hens are under 18, they can make mocktails

πŸ“ If you have it as part of a night out, the older ladies can choose to go home after the cocktail festivities

Points to be aware of:

πŸ“ You won’t be able to book a cocktail making class in a bar for any hens under 18

πŸ“ Some bars have an over 21 policy

Slug and Lettuce (and most other big chains) do great cocktail making classes and are in most cities and large towns.

Spa Day

πŸ“ Everyone loves a good chill!

πŸ“ It’s a great activity for your hens to bond, especially if afternoon tea is included!

πŸ“ It’s a great activity to do where the hen group will, at several points, naturally split into mini groups, meaning everyone gets the best out of the day

πŸ“ A spa day will be available at a location within a 30min drive of most of the UK

Flower Making

πŸ“ Perfect for the more arty and creative hen crews

πŸ“ It’s a great activity to pair with something like bottomless brunch, so your hen crew get a day full of mixed activities

πŸ“ Most big hen activity businesses offer flower making, but out pick of the bunch is 🌼 The Crafty Hens Flower Crown Workshop 🌼

Dance Class

πŸ“ Most dance classes for hen parties are designed for hens of all physical abilities

πŸ“ Even if some hens don’t want to participate, it will make a great and hilarious spectacle!

πŸ“ It’s a great way to bond!

πŸ“ Most big hen activity businesses offer dance classes, but out pick of the bunch is πŸ’ƒ Bounce Studios Mamma Mia Dance Party πŸ’ƒ but they do lots of other themes.


There you go, 6 Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages ⚑

Now, remember and say it again: I will not completely please everyoneΒ 

Don’t worry about the negative nancies and remember our goal ‘to have activities that will please everyone as much as possible’


If your hen party is an especially large or small group, check out our two blogs for some tips:

Hen Party Ideas For Large Groups

Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups


You’ve got this. Take it easy, lots of deep breaths and go and smash it! πŸ’ͺ

Love Harriet & Team Laughtercise


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