Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups

Written by Harriet

Facilitator of Fun - Laughtercise For Hen Parties

Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups

Before we start, let’s be clear πŸ‘‰ small does not mean worse than large

It’s quality, not quantity.

However, when it comes to the basics of hen party organisation, there are pros and cons to have having a small group (as there are for large groups).

But before we go any further, let me introduce myself! Hi πŸ‘‹ my name is Harriet and I’m around a lot of hens as I deliver Laughtercise for Hen Parties sessions, so I fully understand the intricacies of planning a hen party (and how stressful it can be!). On one hand you can give your best friend a wonderful experience that she will remember forever, but on the other hand you’ve got so much to think about. Now, let’s go through the pros and cons πŸ‘‡

Hen Party For Small Groups (Pros)

  1. It’s more intimate meaning the bonds between hens (and bride) will be stronger
  2. Organising a hen party is stressful, especially if you’re got a lot of people to think of and to please. This is where the beauty of having a small group comes in for you as the organiser! 😁 Less = less stress. Less people to displease. And let’s face it, there will always be that one hen who won’t be fully pleased, no matter what you do as the organiser! So make sure you bear that in mind and go easy on yourself πŸ’ͺ

Hen Party For Small Groups (Cons)

  1. The cost per hen for activities could be higher


Let’s bear in mind the pros and cons as we go through thoughts about the night out, accommodation and activities πŸ‘‡


Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups (the night out & accommodation)

If you’re thinking of a big night out in a town or city, it should be easier to organise and move the hen crew on to the next bar! It should also be less stressful booking a table for food.

For accommodation you may be able to get a place that costs less per hen (because it doesn’t have to be as big). It’s a massive positive that anything you book, you will be receiving money from less people (less people to chase!). If you’re booking a city centre hotel, it’s important to note that you can all squeeze into one room for pre-drinks and games!


Hen Party Games For Small Groups

Check out this wild game we play in Laughtercise for Hen Party sessions πŸ‘‡πŸ˜

You can ramp up the fun and get chocolate involved πŸ‘‡

Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups (Activities)

The big point to focus on is that some activities will have a minimum number requirement, or a minimum charge (meaning that the cost per hen will be higher vs. a large group). For example, if you’re looking for a Flower Crown Workshop, there is a minimum charge of Β£360. So if you have 10 hens it’s Β£36 per hen and if you have 6 hens it’s Β£60 per hen. There are some activities that have a lower minimum number requirement, like Cocktail Making Classes at Slug and Lettuce (minimum of 6). And there are some activities that have no minimum number requirements and no minimum charges. Spa Days spring to mind. But I have two words for you…Bottomless Brunch 🍹

If you book any activity that comes to your hen crew, there will be a minimum charge. How can you get around this?

Think Local

Is your bride into Yoga? Maybe there’s a local Yoga teacher who could come to you?

Think Creative

Is a member of your hen crew into arts and crafts? Maybe they could put together an activity to keep costs down?

Think Laughtercise!

Are you within 50miles of DE1 2RU or HP3 9BQ? If so, your hen crew can be Laughtercised! Even if you’re not, we can try and keep our price down as best we can. A Laughtercise session will get your hen crew in fits of belly laughs! It’s guaranteed to bond your hen crew like no other activity.

See how unique Laughtercise for Hen Party sessions are and check out the video below for some belly laughter from hens πŸ‘‡



I really hope I have helped give you some good thoughts about how to smash your hen party for your small hen crew ⚑ If you have a big age gaps in your hen party, check out our blog for advice:

Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

I hope you have fun and give your bride a wonderful experience!

Love Harriet & Team Laughtercise


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