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Written by Aaron Betesta

Laughtercise Owner & Team Building Facilitator

My name is Aaron & I launched our Laughtercise business two years ago. We’ve pulled in business from a global online school 🔥 We’ve pulled in business from Amazon 🔥 Yet i’m still pulling pints at the weekend 🍺

I find myself asking… does this mean I’m not a successful small business owner?


What IS a successful small business owner? 🤔


How can I measure it? 🧐

When do I BECOME successful? 🥳

Does it get announced on the news? What about if I’m in the bath and I miss it? Will I receive a plaque?

So. Many. Questions.

HOW do I become a successful business owner? Ask questions and learn from the best? I certainly was fortunate to be able to ask questions to some very wise people at the start of my journey.

WHY did I decide to be mad enough to start a business from scratch? 

The struggles 😮‍💨

The highs ↑

The lows ↓

Anxiety 😣

Sleepless nights 😵‍💫

Sending out 100 emails and getting 1 reply.

Tears of happiness and tears of frustration with my wife.


I didn’t expect all of this.


But what do you expect when you launch a business?  Two years in, I thought my turnover would reflect my old salary. Did I have too high an expectation? Or am I just still in the ‘Valley of Disappointment’ made famous by James Clear in his book ‘Atomic Habits’? Click 👈here to read a great blog about this chapter (a must for small business owners!).

I have the most wonderful business partner I could ever had wished for in Harriet. We’re global. I’ve kept my eye on other businesses. Do business owners display non-stop success and not report the struggles?

I suppose the most important question is…

…is all the above WORTH IT to become a successful business owner?

I do love the lifestyle and the flexibility of picking my working hours. I love the impact we have and seeing rooms of people light up with smiles and laughter. I love the fact that I’m doing it all for my family. And I do love working at my local village club. I love the people and I love the hustle.

Maybe a successful business owner never realises they’ve become successful?

After all, the journey is more enjoyable than the destination, yeah…?

Maybe successful business owners just enjoy their bath and don’t give a damn about that plaque?


Anyway, it’s time YOU asked yourself a question.

What would YOU classify as a successful business owner? 🤔

Get in touch with your answers! I would love to hear the stories of other business owners out there hustling 💪


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