NHS Staff Wellbeing

Written by Aaron

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

My name is Aaron and we’re Laughtercise. We’ve had the pleasure of supporting NHS staff wellbeing across 40+ trusts since 2020 👇





Wellbeing Leads, Wellbeing Champions, Ward Sisters, Organisational Development Managers (and every job role!), we want to support you in increasing wellbeing levels throughout the NHS, and below are some proven (and creative) methods to do so.

If you’re searching resources for your own wellbeing as an NHS employee, please still read on, we have some free resources that you can tap into! 💪

Jump in and grab yourself some wellbeing! 💙



Why is NHS staff wellbeing important?


NHS staff wellbeing is important because you can’t pour from an empty cup. The cup needs filling up with a positive dose of wellbeing every now and then. You’re taking care of other people, make sure you blooming take care of yourself too. This is your reminder to take your medicine 💙 😁

Let me tell you why NHS Staff Wellbeing is important to me. My son came bursting into this world at Derby Hospital in 2021:


My wife gave birth while having COVID and it was a stressful experience, especially when the buzzer went off because the cord was wrapped around my sons neck briefly. As the team came bustling in, and delivered our son safely, even through the strain and stress I remember looking around; at the midwifes; at the doctor who delivered my son, and I was struck with amazement and sheer gratitude. It still brings tears to my eyes as I write today.

I felt amazement about how effective and caring the team were at supporting the health of my wife and son. And gratitude towards the fact my family has this incredible system of care around them. So it’s my duty to support you today in your wellbeing journey 💙

(below are pictures of me proudly delivering Laughtercise sessions to NHS staff & patients and click here to see how Laughtercise has helped cancer patients & survivors)




What are some NHS staff wellbeing ideas?


The best NHS staff wellbeing ideas are the ones that create wonderful NHS smiles and help to reduce stress levels. Examples of NHS staff wellbeing ideas are seated yoga, follow along team building sessions and fun games.

We’ve tried and tested the below NHS staff wellbeing ideas on thousands of NHS staff and they always go down a treat! We have quite a creative approach to NHS staff wellbeing. We believe that getting people having fun and being playful together is the best way to achieve maximum wellbeing. So, some of the below ideas are quite ‘out there’ 😁


Seated Yoga – 10 Poses in 10 Minutes 


This follow along video is a  perfect bitesize chunk to support the physical wellbeing of anyone who sits (or stands) for long periods of time. Follow along at home, at your desk or you could insert into a virtual or in-person team meeting.

Grab a secret snack, do the twist again & get some night fever going on! All you need is 10 minutes, somewhere to sit and you’re set! It’s perfect gentle yoga for beginners and yoga pros, all with a fun twist!


This is what an NHS team looks like doing Seated Yoga 👇


Follow Along Laughtercise Session


There is nothing better for our wellbeing than having fun and a laugh together. Laughtercise sessions (in-person and virtual) have been loved by thousands of NHS staff across +40 trusts. Below is a 5-minute follow along session that you can add into a team meeting  👇


And this is what a group of nurses looks like when playing this activity 👇



Drawing Ahead!


Looking to energise a meeting? This is a brilliant and bitesize activity you can do as a team to create team bonding at a meeting or away day. It can take less than 5 minutes:


You will need:

📍 1 piece of card per person

📍 1 pen per person


📍 Step 1 – Instruct everyone to put their piece of card on their head 

📍 Step 2 – Instruct everyone to draw a picture on the piece of card. You can pick what picture they draw. Maybe you’re talking about patient care and you can get everyone to draw a smiling patient. Or if it’s Easter, get them to draw an Easter egg

📍 Step 3 – Instruct everyone to write their name underneath their drawing

📍 Step 4 – Give them 1 minute and get them to draw!

📍 Step 5 – After 1 minute, ask everyone to remove the card and show to everyone around them 

Team bonding benefits to this game:

⚡️ Everyone’s drawing will be funny, so no one will feel awkward about their lack of artistic ability

⚡️ Everyone will have a great laugh about each other’s drawings

⚡️ It challenges brains in a unique way


NHS teams playing this game 👇




Head, Shoulders, Knees & CUP!


This game is WILD and will create smiles in your team like you’ve never seen before! Check out severalteams playing this game 👇


You can ramp up the fun by adding chocolate! Look how wild it got when a physio team battled it out for crème eggs.

You will need:

📍 Paper cups (1 per two people)

📍 To line up tables so everyone can be facing each other (like in the videos)


📍 Instruct each person to face another person

📍 Tell everyone that you will be shouting out ‘head’, ‘shoulders’ and ‘knees’ and they have to follow the instruction

📍 Tell everyone that when you shout ‘cup’, they have to grab the cup. First person to grab it wins!

📍 Rotate everyone so they don’t continually face the same person


Big NHS smiles from playing this game 👇



Yoga for Children


We’re not forgetting children of NHS staff! 😀

We deliver fun yoga sessions for thousands of primary aged children all around the world. Check out the follow along videos below to support the wellbeing of your children 👇

Yoga Rockstars!

Click on the links below for more videos:

Anti-Grumpiness Yoga

Balance Yoga

Wave Breathing Technique


How do you promote wellbeing in the NHS?


We’ve worked with some wonderful people across lots of trusts, and we’ve learnt that promoting wellbeing in the NHS is challenging. We’ve also seen some wonderful best practices of promoting wellbeing in the NHS.

In this section you will find some inspiration from wonderful and creative initiatives rolled out by people inspired to spread enhanced wellbeing across their trust.


Central London Community Hospital

Ella-Lucia Ricci – Wellbeing Lead

“At CLCH, we have developed a physical resource catalogue featuring internal and external wellbeing support for all staff across the trust. This includes interactive, and highly visual, QR codes, contacts, resources and an activities feature. In addition, the in-house developed wellbeing app has been a huge success and the new way wellbeing is being communicated across the Trust. Staff can decide how they use the app, which features and areas they want to engage with – wellbeing, their way.”


Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust

Matthew Green – Staff Health & Wellbeing Operational Lead

“We are offering all staff over 40-years old a free 30-min health check, based on the national NHS health check model. Appointments are offered on-site meaning that staff can fit their appointments around clinical shifts and other work duties and responsibilities. Checks include height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, full cholesterol profile, cardiovascular disease risk and diabetes risk profiling. Any results which are clinically significant are automatically flagged to the staff and, with consent, we write to their GP to recommend a follow-up appointment where appropriate. Checks are proving very popular as over 600 staff have attended in the first 6-months of launch.”


*We’re continually compiling this section, so keep coming back for more ideas*


NHS Team Wellbeing Activity


Are you looking for an NHS team wellbeing activity that will bond your teams and de-stress them at the same time? If it’s a yes, we would love to help you get them ‘Laughtercised’ like these NHS staff 👇





👉 In a recent NHS study, 70% of Laughtercise session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their session

📢 “We really needed that, it was the best team building session the team have ever been to”

📢 “It’s the happiest I’ve ever seen the team”

📢 “It’s the most fun we’ve ever had at work”

Over 10,000 NHS staff have been ‘Laughtercised’. See all the smiles here👉 10,000 NHS smiles.

Check out a group of International Nurses (in their first week at the NHS) playing one of our wild cup game 👇


What is the impact of NHS Laughtercise? Great big smiles like this 👇




👉 Check out what’s included in a Laughtercise session 👈


Nominate A NHS Staff Wellbeing Hero!


Do you know someone who enhances the wellbeing of everyone in their team? Know someone who spreads smiles every day?

This is your chance to nominate someone to win a wellbeing hamper!


It’s completely free. You can nominate anyone; it is not restricted to just Wellbeing Champions or Wellbeing Leads.

Nominations will only be taken on this page by sending us a contact form. Please include your first name, your email address and the first name and job title of the person you are nominating. The nominations are open until 1st December 2024 for the current nomination round. We will pick the best nomination and announce the winner in December.


And that’s a wellbeing wrap! 😁

We will continually update this page, so keep coming back for more resources and ideas! 💙


Have fun and keep up the great work.

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Yes, loads!

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📍 Team Building Activities that you can facilitate in-house

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📍 NHS Staff Wellbeing resource for NHS wellbeing leads and staff




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