8 Fun Hen Do Ideas in Buckinghamshire

Written by Harriet

Facilitator of Fun - Laughtercise For Hen Parties

Hello there lovely hen! 👋

Exciting times…you’re planning a hen party in Buckinghamshire! Are you mostly excited or mostly stressed?! 😂

I’m gonna start by hitting you with a random fact about Buckinghamshire if I may…


⭐ Random fact about Buckinghamshire ⭐

The first pineapple ever grown in the UK was grown in Buckinghamshire. It was probably the last too! It was made for Charles II at Dorney Court.

Anyway, unless they are in a cocktail, you’re not here for pineapples are you… you’re here for hen do activities!

My name is Harriet and we’re Laughtercise. It’s great to have you here today and I’m here to help you with hen do ideas in Buckinghamshire ⚡

I’ve researched and picked 8 of the very best ideas. Dive in and get deciding! 👇



8 Fun Hen Do Activity Ideas in Buckinghamshire


1. Hen Hilarity With Laughtercise!

If you’ve booked accommodation and you’re looking for activities to come to you, you should get your bride and hen crew ‘Laughtercised’ 👇😆




Just imagine your bride and gals battling over this game…who will be the best?


Penis pouting…it’s a thing…and it’s hilarious! 👇🤣


Most importantly, would you like to say your hen crew are officially the best hen crew in the UK? The only way to find out is to do Laughtercise ‘Timed Hen Challenges’. Will your hen crew be fast enough to knock the below hen crew off top spot…? 🏆


Click here to find out more about getting your hens ‘Laughtercised’


2. Spa Day at Hartwell House

Is a hen do even a hen do without a spa day…? Put that question to bed by getting one booked in at Hartwell House, which looks pretty darn luxurious! Get yourself a nice treatment. On that note, here is a very cheesy spa joke 👇

What is a box of Kleenex’s favourite spa treatment? A deep tissue massage.

So awful it’s good…?! 🧀

Location: Oxford Rd, Stone, Aylesbury HP17 8NR

Click here to find out more.

If you’re having a relaxing day before the hen do shenanigans begin, why not have some Fun Hen Do Yoga before or after your spa experience too?


3. Bottomless Brunch at Grand Junction

Go bottomless or go home? A good natter over food and drink = hen do heaven! Happy brunching!

Location: 13 High St, Buckingham MK18 1NT

Click here to find out more.


4. Fun Hen Do Yoga!


This ain’t just any Hen Do Yoga. It’s Laughtercise Style Hen Do Yoga! The kind of yoga where you stretch the smile muscles the most 😀

Stretch out those pre-party jitters and bond with your besties to set a calming and uplifting tone for the celebrations ahead!

Yin Yoga, Restorative and Ashtanga styles available. Yoga newbies and and seasoned pros all catered for. Sessions can be completed in your accommodation and mats are provided.

Check out Laughtercise Style Hen Do Yoga.


5. Afternoon Tea at Missenden Abbey

Tea, coffee, cake, scones and good chats! All while enjoying the scenery of a wonderful 12th century abbey. How can you go wrong with afternoon tea at a hen do?!

Cream or jam first? Pinkies up or down? Read this article on Afternoon Tea Etiquette for some top tips 😂

For more ideas, check out this resource about The Best Afternoon Tea Places in Buckinghamshire

Location: London Rd, Great Missenden HP16 0BD

Click here to find out more.


6. Crazy Golf at Mr Mulligans Milton Keynes

Get your hens being social putterflies while they have a round of golf together in MK! It’s time to par-tee! (I know, I know…pure cheese 🧀). For more crazy golf locations in Buckinghamshire, check out the The Best Places in Buckinghamshire For Crazy Golf.

Location: Unit B4, Savoy Crescent, Milton Keynes MK9 3PU

Click here to find out more.


7. Escape Hunt Milton Keynes

Is there anyone in your hen party who you wouldn’t like to be locked up in a room with?! If there is someone you have mind, you better escape! 😂 Check out Escape Hunt and their ‘Alice in Puzzleland’ room. For more Escape Rooms in Buckinghamshire, check out the 10 Best Buckinghamshire Escape Rooms.

Location: Unit 35, 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3XS

Click here to find out more.


8. The Hen Do 69!

Now wait a minute ⚠️

Slow that dirty mind down.

It’s called ‘The Hen Do 69’ because the package is £69 per hen 😁😁😁

What were you thinking???! We’ve got our eye on you! 🤣


The Hen Do 69 is Hen Hilarity With Laughtercise (a 1-hr or 1.5hr session) + a Hen Do Yoga 1-hr session.

Smiles + Giggles + Relaxation. Now THAT’S what a hen do is all about!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen do accommodation.

Click here for a Hen Do 69! 🤣


More Hen Party Ideas in Buckinghamshire!


Creative Tips For Your Hen Do

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Hen Night Ideas in Buckinghamshire

Are you hosting your own hen night in Buckinghamshire? Keeping costs low? Looking for some games to play?

If so, check out our Hen Party Games resource for 4 wild and hilarious games to get you all giggling!


Best Bars & Restaurants in Buckinghamshire for Hen Parties

If you’re looking for some lovely grub to soak up the alcohol, check out this resource on Award Winning Restaurants in Buckinghamshire

And to get the alcohol flowing, check out The Best Bars & Pubs in Buckinghamshire on Trip Advisor


Hen Party Packages in Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking for the best hen party packages in Buckinghamshire, check out Funktion Events, Red Cactus Events or Stag & Hen Experience who all offer packages in Milton Keynes. These are the ‘go to’ places for everything in one place when it comes to your hen do.


What are the most popular hen do activities in Buckinghamshire?

The most popular activities for hen do ideas in Buckinghamshire are spa days, cocktail masterclasses, flower crown making workshops, afternoon tea, cookery classes and dance classes.


Stag Night Ideas in Buckinghamshire

Lads, lads, lads! Come on let’s not forget the stags too! Let’s keep the boys happy 😁 Tell them about our wild ‘head, shoulders, knees, CUP!’ game which is perfect for some stag competition! 🏆


3 Fun Hen Do Activity Ideas in Milton Keynes


1. Laughtercise!

Just imagine your hen crew playing this wild game 👇 Which of your hens has the strongest ‘penis pout?!’ 🤣

If you’re looking for an activity to come to you and for your hens to have the most amount of fun they’ve ever had at a hen party, a Laughtercise For Hen Party Session is for them!


Click here to find out more.


2. Cocktail Masterclass at Slug & Lettuce 

Did somebody say cocktails?! Have a blast shaking, stirring and sipping your creations at Slug & Lettuce MK. Which hen will be the best mixologist?! Just be careful when you stand up after 😂

Location: 401 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 2BQ

Click here to find out more.


3. Volcano Falls Crazy Golf

Get your hens being social putterflies while they have a round of golf together in MK! It’s time to par-tee! (I know, I know…pure cheese 🧀)

Location: Unit 5a-5b, Xscape, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS

Click here to find out more.


Hen Do Activities Near Buckinghamshire


Are you basing your hen crew near the border of Buckinghamshire? If so, we have these resources too:

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That’s it from me. I hope you absolutely smash your hen party in Buckinghamshire for your bride! 💥 Have fun!

Love Harriet & Team Laughtercise


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