Corporate Yoga Packages

Written by Aaron Betesta

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

Corporate Yoga.

Corporate. Yoga.

Two very different words huh?

Before we go any further, let’s do something that will make you smile. Let’s check out an image on Google that pops up when you type in ‘Corporate Yoga’Β  πŸ‘‡



Where to start with this picture?! πŸ˜‚ And it’s no joke, type in ‘Corporate Yoga’ and it’s near the top!

First of all, unless the lady at the front is googling yoga poses, why is her laptop open during a yoga session? Most yoga facilitators would get the laptop, slam it shut and tell her to get out. And quite rightly too.

And secondly – most importantly – have you ever seen anyone do yoga whilst sitting on a table??!

Funny huh!? 😁


Anyway, somebody deserves a pat on the back from Team Laughtercise already. And that person is you πŸ‘

You’re looking at getting your team some corporate yoga. You’re looking after your team and you’re a good egg. And we like good eggs at Laughtercise.

But if you’re expecting just Yoga, that’s not us.

We’re Laughtercise Yoga.



Β  Β  Β  Β 


People don’t just get exercised in our Laughtercise Yoga sessions.

They get Laughtercised.


Β  Β 


Laughtercise Yoga comes with a twist. Now, we know all corporate yoga sessions come with twists, but none with a twist like ours. We’re the kind of Yoga that stretches the mind, body and – most importantly – stretches the smile muscles.

If you choose us to super-charge your team, you’re picking the UK leaders at creating beaming smiles within organisations.

We’re the perfect introduction for yoga novices and anyone in your organisation taking the first steps into yoga. We also offer seated yoga, which is prefect for people with limited mobility.

In this resource you will be introduced to Laughtercise Yoga and we’ve also provided answers to the most common queries that are Googled about corporate yoga

Let’s get this corporate yoga show on the road! 😁



What are the benefits of Corporate Yoga?


The benefits of corporate yoga are the same as any yoga session; increased energy, reduced stress levels, increased mobility and the opportunity to take some ‘me’ time!

But you’ll be fully expecting all these benefits and more from a corporate yoga company. If you had a corporate yoga instructor come in and they didn’t deliver the benefits above, you’d be expecting a refund. You should demand extra! πŸ‘‡


Why is Yoga important for Corporate Employees?


Yoga is important for corporate employees because increased energy and reduced stress levels = happier employees! Happier employees = more productive employees. It’s a win for the employee and a win for the organisation. What’s not to like about that!? 😁

But…hold on β›” corporate yoga sessions can have a huge impact on corporate culture too πŸ‘‡


How can Yoga improve your corporate culture?


We’re going to list two other corporate yoga impacts and benefits that you may not have thought of. They both will improve your corporate culture. Ready? ⚑

πŸ“ Your team will do the yoga session together which instantly makes it a Team Building Activity. It’s important to stop here and think about this 🀚 At Laughtercise, we’re in the team building market where we deliver team building activities to corporate teams. We’ve done hours and hours of research on the market. Team building activities – on the whole – are more expensive then wellbeing activities. By booking corporate yoga sessions, you will get two impacts; team wellbeing AND team building. Team building is HUGE for improving corporate culture and increasing bonds between team members πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ Your employees will do the corporate yoga sessions with some team members they don’t know well; what a wonderful opportunity to bond!



And this brings us to the important bit…it’s hard to get wellbeing initiatives signed off. So… when you go to your manager to get corporate yoga classes signed off, make sure you present that it’s team wellbeing AND team building. It moves it up another level ⚑


Corporate Yoga Companies


Examples of corporate yoga companies are Stretching The City, Live Yoga Teachers, Corporate Yoga London & Laughtercise Yoga.

Laughtercise may not be your cup of tea (green tea if you’ve just done a yoga session) so if you’re looking for more conventional workplace yoga, here are links to conventional corporate yoga companies πŸ‘‡


Stretching The City

Live Yoga Teachers

Corporate Yoga London


Still with us? Haven’t clicked away?

Great! 😁

You’re ready for the unconventional. You’re ready to smile as you do a downward dog. Woof, woof, smile 😁




Laughtercise Corporate Yoga Sessions


At Laughtercise we’re all about beaming smiles and belly laughter. We’ve delivered thousands and thousands of beaming smiles across the UK. We’ve super-charged over 10,000 NHS staff, we’re national in Amazon, we’ve put huge smiles on the faces of thousands of cancer patients/survivors. We’ve spread feel-good to thousands of corporate employees.

We deliver all the impacts that you will see in a normal yoga session. But there’s more. More impact. A longer lasting impact πŸ’₯

You will see and hear things in our sessions that no other corporate yoga company will be able to provide. Our guarantee πŸ‘‡

⚑ The most amount of smiles you will ever see in a yoga session

⚑ The most of amount of laughs you will ever hear in a yoga session




Our feedback πŸ‘‡

“It’s the most amount of fun I’ve ever had in a yoga session!” – NHS Employee

“It was brilliant to relax and laugh with everyone” – Aviva Employee

“Best yoga session I’ve ever been to!” – Vibrant Accountancy Employee


Want to see and hear us in action?

Check out Harriet delivering a recently produced seated yoga video πŸ‘‡


In every Laughtercise Yoga session we drop in some unconventional activities. Like our wildly fun ‘7,6,5,4,3,2,1’ game πŸ‘‡

(the below videos have been filmed during our Team Building Sessions for Corporate Wellness).




And our rather mindful ‘switching hands’ activity. Give it a go. It’s harder than it looks!



Check out a group of nurses giggling to this activity πŸ‘‡


Why do we include these activities in our corporate yoga sessions? Because they create smiles and laughs and are a great warm-up/warm-down for a yoga session! And they are mindful. How are they mindful? Because when you do them, you’re thinking of nothing else. Try it! You’re just concentrating on the activity. And that’s a yogic mindset πŸ™‚


Corporate Yoga Instructor


Let me introduce you to Harriet.

Harriet is a ray of sunshine β˜€ Look at that beautiful face πŸ‘‡



Harriet is beautiful on the inside and outside. She’s a shining ray of fun. Here she is delivering onsite and online sessions πŸ‘‡





Harriet has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. In terms of making people feel wonderful, she will bend over backwards for them. Literally.


Corporate Yoga Classes


Looking for a one-off session for an event? We can provide the stretches and smiles!

Looking for an energising conference session? Brilliant, we can get everyone re-energised either standing up or sat down!

Struggling for space or want to reduce the cost for everyone by not using yoga mats? No problem, we can deliver a seated yoga session! Hands up if you love Laughtercise Seated Yoga πŸ‘‡


Classes can be delivered where there is enough space. We will work around you. The only limit to how many people can attend an onsite corporate yoga session is the amount of space you have. We do our best to cover as much of the UK as possible.

We can help supply yoga mats as we have a trade discount.


Corporate Yoga Packages


Looking for a package of sessions for a wellbeing initiative? We can ensure it’s the best wellbeing initiative you’ve ever launched!

We offer packages of onsite corporate yoga for any wellbeing initiative you launch. These packages of sessions can be utilised over the course of many months. We offer reductions in prices for our packages of sessions.

Packages so you can all stretch, stretch and breathe πŸ‘‡

Β  Β 


Corporate Yoga Classes Online


Looking for an online session? Wonderful, the world is our Microsoft Teams oyster!

We offer normal yoga and seated yoga for corporate yoga classes online. There is no limit to how many people can join (all the family can join in too!) and we can deliver sessions on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.



Corporate Yoga London


A high percentage of Google searches for corporate yoga packages are within London. So, being a switched on business, we’re well set-up for London sessions! 😁 We can cover the whole of Greater & Central London.



Corporate Yoga Pricing


One-off Onsite Sessions

πŸ“ 1 session – from Β£245

All our sessions can be up to 1hr and the price is the same; so max us out!


Packages of Onsite Sessions

πŸ“ 5 sessions – Β£875 (Β£175 per session)

πŸ“ 10 sessions – Β£1550 (Β£155 per session)

All our sessions can be up to 1hr and the price is the same; so max us out!


Virtual Sessions

πŸ“ 1 session – Β£195

πŸ“ 5 sessions – Β£475 (Β£95 per session)

πŸ“ 10 sessions – Β£850 (Β£85 per session)

All our sessions can be up to 1hr and the price is the same; so max us out!


Corporate Mindfulness & Meditation


Why stop at yoga? How about mindfulness? Time to meditate? How about a full wellbeing workshop?

We’re like a great buffet. You can nibble on this, nibble on that, dip into that and dip into this.

Click here to see how our Laughtercise Workshops for Wellbeing are lighting up teams all over the UK.



Fancy finding out who is the ‘cup champion’ in your organisation? Who has the strongest pout?

Laughtercise Team Building Sessions are the way to answer those questions! Fancy getting your team looking like this? πŸ‘‡





Heck, if you book a full workshop or Laughtercise Team Building session, we can reduce all our corporate yoga sessions for you πŸ’₯


The final stretch…


It’s brilliant that you’re here; it’s great to see you here. You’re passionate about helping your colleagues feel great and we love that.

With or without Laughtercise, we wish you all the best in your corporate wellness quest β™₯

Love From Aaron & Team Laughtercise


Whether you’re looking for a unique hen do idea for your hen crew orΒ a corporate team building workshop for your team, a Laughtercise session is all about creating as many smiles and laughter in your group as humanely possible!

We’ve scoured the world for the best exercises, activities and games that bring out smiles and giggles.

We would love to tell you that we’ve invented loads of activities but we haven’t invented ANYTHING. We’ve taken the best that exists, combined it together and made it better…our very own original recipe.

Simple ideas, simple games, all facilitated expertly.

We deliver sessions in-person or online.

Is your room small? Is it large? Inside? Outside? We’ll be there! We will work around you.

For team building sessions, we can come to your office or away day location. For hen parties, we can come to your accommodation or a private room that you’ve booked.

πŸ“ Our Corporate Team Building Workshops vary from 10-minute energising conferences sessions to full away day sessions of 4hs

πŸ“ Our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops can vary in length from 1hr to 3hrs

πŸ“ Our Online Team Building Workshops can vary in length from 30mins to 1.5hrs

πŸ“ For online sessions, the attendee limit is 1000.

πŸ“ For in-person sessions, the only limit is how much room you have (the more the merrier!)

Our prices vary depending on the number of attendees, how long the session is for and where the session is held.

We can guarantee you this though…in terms of bang for buck, you’ll get a sonic boom πŸ’₯

Let’s get some time to discuss, get in touch πŸ˜€

Our Corporate Team Building Workshops have been described as β€˜the most fun I’ve ever had at work’ by Amazon employees and in a recent NHS study, 77% of NHS session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their Laughtercise session.

Hens love Laughtercise too πŸ‘‡

“It was so good, everyone loved it. We all highly recommend, the Laughtercise Team are an absolute dream. It was INCREDIBLE”

But the only way to truly find out, is to dive in and get smiling! 😁

We will rock your world ⚑

Yes, loads!

Take your pick πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Β Team Building ActivitiesΒ that you can facilitate in-house

πŸ“ Ideas to smash your Corporate Away Day

πŸ“ Energisers For Conferences

πŸ“ 5 Hen Party Games that you can facilitate yourself

πŸ“ NHS Staff Wellbeing resource for NHS wellbeing leads and staff




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