Head, Shoulders, Knees & CUP Game!

❌ WARNING! ❌ This game will create huge competition     ⛔ Watch Out! ⛔ this game will create bouts of wild laughter!       🏆 Who will crowned the 'CUP' Champion? 🏆       We've played this game hundreds of times in our Laughtercise Corporate Team Building Workshops and it's the best game in the world! I mean, just...

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Empty The Tissue Box Game!

❌ WARNING! ❌ This game creates a mess!     ⛔ Watch Out! ⛔ This game will create bouts of wild laughter and euphoria!           🏆 Who will be crowned the 'Tissue' Champion? 🏆      My name is Aaron and I run Laughtercise. It's great to have you here reading this resource! We've played this game...

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Heads or Tails Game!

Are you looking for a fun team building game that is simple to facilitate? Are you looking for a simple game to play at a fundraising event? If so, this game is for you! 😁   How do you play the game 'Heads or Tails'?   This game is as simple as it gets for facilitation. It's a great little activity to...

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