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⚡14 fun team away day ideas to energise & connect your work team! ⚡

So, you're planning an away day. Did you take it on voluntarily or was it thrown your way because "you're the go-to person for these kinds of things" or "it'll be good for your development"? Ah, management speak. Don't you just love it?! 😆   We love away days at Laughtercise and we've done some innovative away day research, surveying organisers of...

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Team Building Activities & Networking – The two most important aspects for any team away day!

When it comes to team away days, if you don't spend most of your time on planning team building & networking activities, you're making a huge mistake ⛔         At Laughtercise, we've recently surveyed organisers of away days. The results are in. They've spoken. They've spoken loud and clear 📢   💥 Over 86% of the positive impacts from...

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9 Brilliant Team Building Activities in Liverpool!

⭐ Random fact about Liverpool ⭐ Football nets were invented in Liverpool. By John Brodie, a civil engineer from Liverpool, in 1889. Legend has it that they were invented due to the amount of balls going through the goalposts by attacking teams at Goodison Park 😂 I said it, it's out there 😲 Everton fans are fuming. But a net was also...

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6 Fun Team Building Activities in Hertfordshire

⭐ Random fact about Hertfordshire ⭐ Hot cross buns originate from Hertfordshire. Well, probably. It is thought that the Alban Bun (baked within St Albans...

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7 Fun Team Building Activities in Warwickshire

⭐ Random fact about Warwickshire ⭐ Warwick Castle was once owned by a 2-year old. She was called Anne. She was born in 1446. And...

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8 Fun Team Building Activities in Bath

⭐ Random fact about Bath ⭐ The first ever stamp to be mailed was sent from Bath. On 2nd May 1840, four days prior to...

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8 Fun Team Building Activities in York

Romans called it Eboracum, Saxons knew it as Eoforwick and the Vikings named it Jorvik. And now just York. Wonderful York.     ⭐ Random...

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9 Great Team Building Activities in Leicester

STOP! Did you know that... ⭐ Leicester has more traffic lights than any other city in the UK? ⭐ Now, we're not sure if this is true....

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11 Fun Team Building Activities in Nottingham

Nottingham rocks. ⭐ Did you know that Nottingham was the first place to officially rock in England? ⭐ It's true. Because in 1180, Nottingham became...

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Team Building Activities in Manchester

Before we delve into all things team building in Manchester, let's talk about breasts. Did you know that Manchester is named after breasts? A settlement...

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