Team Building & Icebreaker Tips

Unusual Team Building Activities

My name is Aaron and we're Laughtercise. As you can tell by our name, we're a bit unusual. Who wants the usual all the time?! Not us and not the teams who play our unusual team building activities! 👇           "Every new experience is unusual, the rest of life is just sleep and meetings" John Twelve Hanks  ...

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Paper Plate Team Building Game

Have you ever put a paper plate on your head? Probably not (soberly anyway)   Have you ever put a paper plate on your head and attempted to draw a picture on it?  No? Why not?! It's time to do so! 😁   [ez-toc]   What is the team building activity with paper plates?   The team building activity with paper plates...

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2 Wild & Fun Easter Games For Adults At Work!

Would you battle someone for a Cadbury's Crème Egg? If you had a paper plate on your head, how well do you think you could draw an Easter egg on it...?    Ponder over those questions, because if you're looking for some fun, wild and different Easter Team Building Activities, you've come to the right place! 😁            ...

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Team Building Activities Birmingham

Alright bab? You’ve been entrusted to organize your away day or team building activity at your office or within Birmingham. Did you ask for the...

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10 Minute Tutor Time Activities!

What can you do in class for 10-minutes?   The 3 form time ideas below all separately take around 5 minutes to complete. So, if...

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