Virtual Teams. Remote Teams. Hybrid Teams. Many different names, but one thing is for sure…it’s important they get bonded through some virtual team building activities!


Hi my name is Aaron and I run Laughtercise. It’s great to have you hear reading this resource! πŸ˜€

We’re rather unconventional at Laughtercise, so this resource is full of virtual team building activities for remote teams that are a little bit unconventional.

Other resources will have hundreds of virtual team building ideas, ours has less. But these ideas have been tried and tested on thousands of employees with fantastic results. We’re about quality, not quantity. And…our top tip is this…never use the word Icebreaker! Read this resource on Icebreaker Games research to see why.


We’ve selected some online team building ideas that we play in our Laughtercise Online Corporate Team Building Workshops that you will be able to play with your teams. We’ve also answered some frequently Googled searches about online team building.

Manage a remote team? Manage a global team? Look after a team of nurses? We’ve got you πŸ’ͺ



Four Fun Virtual Team Building Activities


Drawing Ahead!

This is a brilliant and bitesize activity that can take less than 5 minutes. It will create a huge amount of feel-good and energy in your team:


You will need:

πŸ“Β 1 paper plate (or piece of card) and 1 pen per person. Your team members can use any piece of paper or card they have


πŸ“ Step 1 – Instruct everyone to put their paper on their headΒ 

πŸ“ Step 2 – Instruct everyone to draw a picture on their paper or card. You can pick what picture they draw. Maybe you’re talking about customer care and you can get everyone to draw a smiling customer. Or if it’s Easter, get them to draw an Easter egg

πŸ“ Step 3 – Instruct everyone to write their name underneath their drawing

πŸ“Β Step 4 – Give them 1 minute and get them to draw!

πŸ“ Step 5 – After 1 minute, ask everyone to remove the plate and show to everyone on camera

πŸ“ Step 6 – Have a laugh at the drawings!



This activity is perfect to get everyone up on their feet and shake up their senses. It requires a bubbly person to facilitate this game! Check out a team doing this activity πŸ‘‡


You will need:

πŸ“Β Nothing!


πŸ“ Step 1 – Get everyone standing up

πŸ“ Step 2 – Instruct everyone that you will be shaking off each limb and saying ‘7,6,5,4,3,2,1’ as you do it

πŸ“ Step 3 – Instruct everyone that after ‘7,6,5,4,3,2,1’ you’ll only do ‘6,5,4,3,2,1’ and so on right down to just ‘1’ for each limb!


Switch Hands!

This game will challenge and reinvigorate brain cells! How fast can you switch?? πŸ‘πŸ‘ˆ

Written and video instructions below πŸ‘‡

online team building idea


Check out a team of nurses playing this game and see the laughter it creates πŸ‘‡


Laughtercise Opposites Game

Now this game takes a bit of facilitation, but it’s worth it!! The beauty of this game is that you can keep coming back to it throughout your meeting. You give commands and everyone has to do the opposite command. The nurses below are doing level 4 of our opposites game where clap/click and hoho/haha are opposite. Sounds a bit mad huh? But it works a right treat πŸ‘‡


You will need:

πŸ“Β Nothing!


πŸ“ Step 1 – Instruct everyone that when you say ‘clap’, they have to clap. When you say ‘click’, they have to click

πŸ“ Step 2 – Make it opposite!

πŸ“ Step 3 – Add in ‘Move’ and ‘Freeze’. When you say ‘move’, everyone has to get dancing! When you say ‘freeze’, they have to freeze. But the ‘clap’ and ‘click’ remain opposite!

πŸ“ Step 4 – Make it opposite! Everything becomes opposite!


Virtual Team Building Idea For A Global Team Meeting


Have you got a big global team? Here is a game that you can play with an huge amount of people, and all you need is a coin…


Heads or Tails

This game is as simple as it gets for facilitation. It’s a great little activity that creates a bit of competition.


You will need:

πŸ“Β A coin (ideally a large coin like a 2p or 50p)


πŸ“ Step 1 – Get everyone standing up

πŸ“ Step 2 – Instruct everyone that you will be flipping a coin in the air. Tell them that, as it’s flipping, if you think it’ll land on heads, put your hands on your head. If you think tails, put your hand on your bottom. If you get it right, keep standing. If you get it wrong, sit down

πŸ“ Step 3 – Keep flipping until only one person is standing! (for large groups it will take longer)


Virtual Team Building Activities For Nurses


Nurses…we love you. We’ve said it. And we mean it πŸ’™

We have had the absolute pleasure of delivering our Laughtercise Team Building WorkshopsΒ to nurses across 40+ NHS trusts. We’re ever so proud about creating these nurse smiles πŸ‘‡

nhs team smilingΒ  Β  nhs team smiling

nhs team smilingΒ  Β  nhs team smiling


As well as these smiles while delivering our Team Building Workshops online for nurses πŸ‘‡

Β  Β 


We want to support you in one thing, and one thing only…putting huge smiles on the faces of your nurse teams πŸ’™

If you have budget for a virtual team building activity, get it in touch with us. Our Virtual Team Building Sessions for nurses in the UK start from just Β£95. In a recent NHS study, 77% of session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their virtual team event.

Have fun and keep up the great work πŸ’™ I’ll leave you with a nurse joke. I warn you, it’s cheesy.

Why should a nurse always carry a red pen?

In case they need to draw blood.

Awful huh? But so awful it’s good?? 😁


Virtual Team Building Activity Companies


Online escape rooms, virtual horse racing and virtual murder mysteries…there are loads of activities to choose from that are provided by virtual team building activity companies.

Here are four providers that you might want to check out by clicking on the images πŸ‘‡
online team building company logo
logo of online company
⚑ Are you looking to give your team something incredibly unique? ⚑
online team building company logo
Check out our Online Corporate Team Building Workshops that are guaranteed to produce huge smiles in your team. In fact, in a recent survey, 52% of session attendees rank Laughtercise as ‘the best team building activity I’ve ever experienced’
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Check out feedback from teams all around the world πŸ‘‡

“Every virtual meeting should start with a Laughtercise session! What better way to get your energy levels up!” – Amazon Employee

“We absolutely loved our virtual session. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on a Microsoft Teams meeting! It was great to connect with everyone through a bit of fun” – NHS Employee


Here are some very happy and smiley remote team members πŸ‘‡

people smiling on team building session online


Virtual Company Christmas Party


Two snowmen are in a field and one says to the other ‘can you smell carrots’?Β  😁

Get it?! Snowmen… carrots for a nose?

Anyway, enough of the bad Christmas cracker jokes! But let’s stay on the theme of laughter…would you like your team to have the most fun and giggles they’ve ever had for Christmas 2023…?

Imagine your team giggling and smiling all together this Christmas to a Laughtercise session. Maybe your organisation has had a tough year? It would great to give everyone a wonderful stress-release to end the year huh? βœ…


Laughtercise Virtual Team Building Sessions – FAQs


Q. Can sessions be delivered on Zoom and Teams?

A. Yes, both

Q. How long does a session last?

A.Β  Anywhere between 30mins – 1hr

Q. Are there any minimum or maximum numbers?

A. The limit is 1000 attendees

Q. How much does a session cost?

A. Our sessions start from Β£295 and this price covers up to 30 attendees

Hungry for more team building ideas? Check out our full guide to Team Building Activities.


Virtual Team Building FAQ’s


What is remote team building?

Remote team building are any activities outside the normal; activities that bond your team outside of normal work routines. It’s incredibly challenging to create the same bond in remote teams that you will find in office based teams. Remote team building activities help to bridge this gap.

team building online woman talking


Why is remote team building important?

Remote team building is important because working remotely has significantly increased since the pandemic. What does this mean? Less in-person contact between teams. The benefits of working in an office environment are hard to replicate in a remote team and that’s why it’s even more critical you invest into team building time for your teams. Even it’s just a cuppa and natter, it’s important to find time for team building.

remote team bonding


What are fun virtual team building activities?

Examples of fun virtual team building activities are quizzes, joint workout sessions and playing remote team building games.

In this resource you will find some wild and fun games that we play in our Online Corporate Team Building Workshops.


What is the #1 virtual team building activity to use?

The #virtual team building activity to use is most definitely the ‘drawing ahead’ game! This game is a great example of using fun and difference to bond a team. It will create smiles and giggles and be remembered. This is what teams look like when they play it πŸ‘‡

team playing paper plate online team building activityΒ  Β Β  team playing paper plate online team building activity


Should I pay a company to provide a team building activity?

In our opinion, it’s yes or no. No if you have someone in your team that would be happy and confident in delivering a virtual engagement activity. Save money! 😁

Yes if you’re struggling to find that person. After all, facilitating remote team building activities is challenging. If you have a big team – and you want a big impact – you might want to hire a virtual team building company.


How much does it cost to hire a virtual team building company?

It varies, but most virtual team building activities cost considerably less that in-person activities (simply due to no travel costs for the provider). If you’re looking for an hour of activity for around 50 people you’re probably looking at around Β£300-Β£500 (depending on the provider).

⭐ And that’s a virtual team building wrap! ⭐


With or without Laughtercise, we hope you smash your remote team time 😁

From Aaron & Team Laughtercise

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