5 reasons why we’re the most impactful team building provider in the UK

Written by Aaron

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

My name is Aaron. I run Laughtercise. It’s great to have you here! How are you today?

You might be surprised (especially given the name of this page), but I’m going to start with how impactful some of our competitors services are.



5 years ago I was working for Asda. We had a big away day and we had a drumming experience. We were all pretty apprehensive about it. It’s drumming? What’s special about that? Well, let me tell you…it was special. We loved it. Everyone spoke about it for ages after. The guy who ran it, what a guy!


drumming experience


I don’t want you to get the impression that I feel we’re the only option and you shouldn’t look elsewhere. There are brilliant team building activities out there and they might be a better fit for your team than Laughtercise.

If you’re looking to energise, connect, de-stress and delight your team, we will give you huge impact 💥


5 reasons why we’re the most impactful team building provider in the UK



Reason 1 – How we make people feel


We get people looking like this 👇

team enjoying their laughtericse session  team enjoying their laughtericse session

team enjoying their laughtericse session  team enjoying their laughtericse session


Sounding like this 👇


And feeling like this 👇


+14,000 people have attended a Laughtercise session

52% of Laughtercise session participants rank us as the best team building activity they’ve EVER experienced

77% of attendees report feeling less stressed after their Laughtercise sessions (NHS study 2022)

£10,000. We’ve delivered over £10,000 worth of sessions – for free – for Charities, NHS Organisations & Housing Associations


person enjoying laughtercise session   person enjoying laughtercise session

  person enjoying laughtercise session


Reason 2 – Our impact on NHS staff


We’ve delivered sessions for over 40 NHS Trusts and created over 10,000 NHS smiles 👇


In May 2024, we delivered 13 sessions in 6 days across 6 trusts to 604 NHS staff. Read about it here.

The total of NHS staff that have been to one of our sessions (at time of writing this) is 10,343! See what over 10,000 NHS smiles looks like here 👉 10,000 NHS smiles.


Reason 3 – WE are the product. WE are the service. It’s personal.


Most team building providers offer a ‘Cube Experience’. Like the TV show. It’s pretty immense. You should check them out. Type ‘Cube Experience Team Building’ into Google. I’d love to do it!

But with experiences like that a good % the fee you pay is for the equipment, for the travel and for the amount of people it requires to set-up. It’s less about facilitation and more about a product.

It’s Aaron & Harriet (that’s us below). We’re the kind of people who make each customer feel like a VIP. We make groups feel like they’re our world, like they’re the most important session we’ve ever delivered a session for.

laughtercise facilitator  laughtercise facilitator


We care. We care about being the best for every customer and group. We take stress and anxiety away from you as the organiser. We do all the small things consistently well. We will wow you.

laughtercise facilitator 

We’ve built some wonderful relationships with people that we’ve organised sessions with. Will you become one? Will you have your photo below? 😀

aaron with organiser   aaron with organiser

aaron with organiser   aaron with organiser


Reason 4 – We give back


Some of the impact you will see from working with us is of us giving back. If you support our business, we will support charities and great causes.

We’ve donated +£10,000 worth of sessions to the NHS and charities.

We have a NHS Staff Wellbeing free resource for NHS staff.

We deliver free sessions for cancer patients and survivors. Click here to see a news article about our charity work.

We also deliver sessions for the elderly in care homes 👇

aaron in care home  aaron in care home

harriet in care home   harriet in care home


Reason 5 – We’re team building ninjas 


Other providers offer 50+ team building activities. We offer 1.


But you have nothing to fear about us. We will not kick you 10,000 times.

We’ve delivered our 1 product to over 10,000 people. And we’ve created hundreds of thousands of smiles and laughs. Bruce Lee would definitely think that we’re the best team building provider.

There is nothing genius about what we’ve done. We haven’t invented anything. All we’ve done is scour the world for the best team activities, combined them together and made them better. It’s team building evolution. Charles Darwin would be proud of our work.

We deliver simple ideas extraordinarily well and we continually evolve. The best example is our ‘head, shoulders, knees, CUP’ game 👇


We also have a huge amount of free resources to support people in their team building quests 👇

📍 Team Building Activities that can be facilitated in-house

📍 Ideas to smash a Corporate Away Day

📍 Energisers For Conferences


And that’s it. There are the 5 reasons.

So… are you ready to be Laughtercised? 😀


Yours Laughingly,

Aaron & Team Laughtercise


Whether you’re looking for a unique hen do idea for your hen crew or a corporate team building workshop for your team, a Laughtercise session is all about creating as many smiles and laughter in your group as humanely possible!

We’ve scoured the world for the best exercises, activities and games that bring out smiles and giggles.

We would love to tell you that we’ve invented loads of activities but we haven’t invented ANYTHING. We’ve taken the best that exists, combined it together and made it better…our very own original recipe.

Simple ideas, simple games, all facilitated expertly.

We deliver sessions in-person or online.

Is your room small? Is it large? Inside? Outside? We’ll be there! We will work around you.

For team building sessions, we can come to your office or away day location. For hen parties, we can come to your accommodation or a private room that you’ve booked.

📍 Our Corporate Team Building Workshops vary from 10-minute energising conferences sessions to full away day sessions of 4hs

📍 Our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops can vary in length from 1hr to 3hrs

📍 Our Online Team Building Workshops can vary in length from 30mins to 1.5hrs

📍 For online sessions, the attendee limit is 1000.

📍 For in-person sessions, the only limit is how much room you have (the more the merrier!)

Our prices vary depending on the number of attendees, how long the session is for and where the session is held.

We can guarantee you this though…in terms of bang for buck, you’ll get a sonic boom 💥

Let’s get some time to discuss, get in touch 😀

Our Corporate Team Building Workshops have been described as ‘the most fun I’ve ever had at work’ by Amazon employees and in a recent NHS study, 77% of NHS session attendees reported feeling less stressed after their Laughtercise session.

Hens love Laughtercise too 👇

“It was so good, everyone loved it. We all highly recommend, the Laughtercise Team are an absolute dream. It was INCREDIBLE”

But the only way to truly find out, is to dive in and get smiling! 😁

We will rock your world ⚡

Yes, loads!

Take your pick 👇

📍 Team Building Activities that you can facilitate in-house

📍 Ideas to smash your Corporate Away Day

📍 Energisers For Conferences

📍 5 Hen Party Games that you can facilitate yourself

📍 NHS Staff Wellbeing resource for NHS wellbeing leads and staff




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