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10,000 NHS Smiles!


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6 Days. 13 NHS Laughtercise Sessions 💙

How many NHS smiles can be crammed into 6 days? To answer, Team Laughtercise embarked on a journey around 6 NHS Trusts in May 2024:     Leadership events, student events, team away days, international nurses day...WE WERE THERE 💙 We were aiming for 500 smiles. Read on to see if we hit our goal...😀   Session 1, Wednesday 8th May -...

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The Laughtercise Conference Captivator!

We're here for one thing; to captivate your group with energy ⚡       This is what groups look like during our 'Conference Captivator' sessions 👇            This is what attendees say about the sessions 👇 "The most fun I've ever had at work" - Amazon Employee "The best team building workshop I've ever been to" - Cairn...

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NHS Preceptorship & International Nurses Initiative

Would you like to get your preceptees or international nurses looking like this? ⬇️                Would you like your...

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Our Smile Manual

We energise, connect, de-stress and delight   We provide teams and groups with the ‘space’ to have joy, smiles and laughter. We do this by...

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Would you like to have fun and get paid for it?

Would you like to put smiles on the faces of people who save lives?   If you're qualified to teach Yoga, would you like to...

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5 reasons why we’re the most impactful team building provider in the UK

My name is Aaron. I run Laughtercise. It's great to have you here! How are you today? You might be surprised (especially given the name...

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Laughtercise Virtual Team Building Workshops

We have what it takes to get your team looking like this 👇   Feedback about our Virtual Team Building Workshops "Every virtual meeting should...

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BCHC Preceptorship Smiles!

The smiles as the preceptorship nurses got 'Laughtercised' 👇       A huge amount of nurse energy in 7,6,5,4,3,2,1...😁    And a huge...

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⚡ Western FSU Laughtercise Proposal ⚡

Hi there. My name is Aaron and I run Laughtercise. I hope you're having a great day. I'm here today to tell you about the...

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