9 Brilliant Team Building Activities in Liverpool!

Written by Aaron

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

⭐ Random fact about Liverpool ⭐

Football nets were invented in Liverpool. By John Brodie, a civil engineer from Liverpool, in 1889.

Legend has it that they were invented due to the amount of balls going through the goalposts by attacking teams at Goodison Park 😂

I said it, it’s out there 😲 Everton fans are fuming.

But a net was also needed at Wembley for Paul Rideout’s goal that won the FA Cup v Man Utd in 95′.

Am I redeemed? 😁


Banter done! My name is Aaron. We’re Laughtercise.

Are you planning a full away day in Liverpool? Check out our full guide on how to smash your Corporate Away Day.

If it’s just a single team building activity you’re looking for, we’ve researched and picked 9 of the very best. Dive in and get deciding! 👇



9 Brilliant Team Building Activities in Liverpool


1. Laughtercise


Rated 4.88 out of 5 stars for impact on teams, Laughtercise Corporate Team Building Workshops are ranked as ‘the best team building activity I’ve ever experienced’ by 52% of session attendees and 👉 here are 5 reasons why 👈

Just imagine your team playing these wild games 👇

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your office or away day/conference location in Liverpool

Click here to get your team ‘Laughtercised’

team after laughtercise session   team after laughtercise session   team after laughtercise session


2. Beatlemania!

Have you got lots of new members in your team that are new to living/working in Liverpool? It’s only right that you introduce them to The Beatles Story, the world’s largest permanent exhibition telling the story of the lives and times of The Beatles!

Location: Britannia Vaults, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

Click here to find out more.


3. Junk Yard Crazy Golf

Get your team being social putterflies while they have a round of golf together! It’s time to par-tee! (I know, I know…pure cheese 🧀)

Check out the Junk Yard Golf Club if only for the cool visuals! For more crazy golf locations in Liverpool, check out the Best Crazy Golf Locations in Liverpool on Trip Advisor.

Location: 1 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 8JF

Click here to find out more.


4. Breakout Liverpool

Is there anyone in your team who you wouldn’t like to be locked up in a room with?! If there is someone you have mind, you better escape! 😂 Check out Breakout Liverpool and their ‘Cursed Carnival’ room. For more Escape Rooms in Liverpool, check out the 10 Best Liverpool Escape Rooms on Trip Advisor.

Location: 7-11 Sir Thomas St, Liverpool, L1 6BW

Click here to find out more.


5. Retro Arcade Games @ NQ64

Are you team a bunch of gamers? If so, NQ64 is your point of call for team building Liverpool! 26 arcade machines, 2 pinball machines, and 5 retro consoles all waiting for them to get stuck into! Plus game themed cocktails too! Opens from 4pm on weekdays, and you can book as a party.

Location: 22 Colquitt, St Liverpool, L1 4DE

Click here to find out more.


A Quick Team Building Group Exercise!

Are you up for a mid-quest challenge? If so, challenge your mind with a Laughtercise Corporate Team Building Workshop warm-up exercise. Think the below looks easy? Think again! Give it a go, it’s harder than it looks!


6. Lane 7 Bowling

Bowling and beer pong. It’s a great combo. This is the safe team building activity in Liverpool. Who doesn’t like a game of bowling every now and again? The beer pong can always be optional. Now, would you like me to finish with a bowling pun/joke, or would you like me to spare you? 😂

Location: Clayton Square, Cases St, Liverpool L1 1QR

Click here to find out more.


7. Virtual Reality Games @ VR-Here Liverpool

If you have a techy and game-loving team, VR-Here are the first dedicated Virtual Reality experience centre in the UK! 40 games to choose from and lots of multiplayer fun!

Location: 31 Paul St, Liverpool L3 6DX

Click here to find out more.


8. Aloctraz Liverpool

Based around the film, Escape from Alcatraz, this is a cocktail bar that you may not want to escape from! Once convicted, your inmates are taken into an exciting world of bootlegging, smuggling and bespoke cocktails. Just make sure The Warden doesn’t catch you!

Location: 36 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE

Click here to find out more.


9. Darts @ Arrowsmiths

This is darts with a difference! Step up to the oche and get ready for a fun night out in Liverpool with your team! Now a quick maths question for you… what’s 145 + 35? When you get the answer, shout it out…very loud. And get ready for darts! 😂

Location: 15 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BW

Click here to find out more.


More Team Building Ideas in Liverpool


Free Team Building Ideas in Liverpool

Have you got a limited budget but still want to wow your team in Liverpool? 

Check out some wild and fun activities that you can facilitate yourself in our complete guide to Team Building Activities and get your team looking like this 👇

team doing team building activity   team doing team building activity  team doing team building activity


Sports Team Bonding Ideas in Liverpool

The best sports team bonding ideas in Liverpool are…BANG!…the Country Games experience. Archery, laser clay shooting, segways, quad bikes and duck herding! It’s maximum outside fun for your team! Also on the list for ‘maximum outside fun’ is It’s A Knockout! Giant inflatables and sumo relay galore!

For some adrenaline fueled fun, grab your team some Go Karting at TeamSport Indoor Go Karting in Liverpool. Or maybe something a bit less active (but still lots of fun!) like a round of golf at Golf Fang.

Bronze, silver or gold…? Treat your team to the ultimate sports experience with an Olympics Games experience. Or go back to your childhood and have an old fashioned Sports Day experience.


Corporate Event & Day Out Ideas in Liverpool

There’s been a murder and your team need to find the culprit! Have a classic Murder Mystery Night or a Crime Scene Investigation experience as your team work together and become sleuths!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Pick a team building activity that involves choccie by giving your team the chance to be Chocolate Makers for the day! If you want to tick the ‘let’s do something different’ box, you need to check out a Haka Challenge!

Buy low, sell high! How would your team fare on Wall Street? This is your chance to find out with a Stocks & Shares event. Or for a bit of class, James Bond style, have a dabble on Casino Night event.


Unusual Team Building Activities in Liverpool

Looking for something unusual for your team in Liverpool? How fast can your team go? Who is the most competitive? Who will become CUP champion? Find out the answers as you get your team Laughtercised!


Get your team junky and funky with Junk Funk! With the most random piles of strange household and garden junk, your team will create a show fit for the West End as you get transformed into a junk-percussion orchestra!

Are your team ready for the next mission? Any NASA wannabies in your team? Who can go the highest? Because it’s the Rocket Launch team building experience in 5,4,3,2,1…

After all that you’ll need a drink, so head over to Alcotraz and get locked in with some lovely cocktails!


Outdoor Team Building Activities in Liverpool

The best outdoor team building activities in Liverpool are Sports Day events, going on a gin journey of Liverpool, doing a crazy It’s A Knockout challenge and doing some Country Sports!

It doesn’t get more outside and wild than It’s A Knock Out! Get your teams battling it out with Human Table Football, Giant Inflatable Volleyball, Human Demolition and Sumo Relay!

This next activity is outside and inside! Most importantly, it involves gin going inside your belly! It’s a Gin Journey of Liverpool! Get chauffeured to 5 amazing venues and try 5 samples of gin and 5 gin cocktails!

BANG! That’s your team shooting clya pigeons! VROOOOM! That’s your team racing on quad bikes. QUACK QUACK QUACK! That’s your team duck herding! You can do all this in a Country Games experience.

To test who will finish top of the podium, get your team doing an Olympics Games experience and to get them tapping back into their childhood, give them the joy of a Sports Day experience.


Indoor Team Building Activities in Liverpool

The best indoor team building activities in Liverpool are escape rooms, crazy golf, the Beatlemania tour, playing retro arcade games, virtual reality experiences, bowling and escaping from Alcotraz!

Who in your team has the best ‘pencil pout’? Who would be the ‘CUP’ champion? Check out wild fun and giggles with some Laughtercise!


Create your own pizza from scratch and name it. Meat feast? Vegan delight? The choice is yours. Grab a slice of the action and get your team Making Pizza. If your team are into their games, than gaming and cocktails at NQ64 is the place to go!

If your team are a competitive bunch, get them escaping at Breakout Liverpool, throwing 180’s at Arrowsmiths, bowling at Lane 7 Bowling or having a par-tee at Junk Yard golf club.

Give your team a ticket to ride at the Beatleamania tour! A bit of learning while bonding together would go down a treat. Next on the team building to-do list is the first dedicated virtual reality centre in the UK at VR Here Liverpool.

And to finish with, get your team escaping from Alcotraz Liverpool. Or maybe they won’t want to escape with the cocktails on offer!


Corporate Away Day Ideas in Liverpool

Are you planning a full away day for your team in Liverpool? If so, check out our full guide on how to smash your Corporate Away Day.

And read our resource on Icebreaker Games For Adults At Work to find out why you should stop using the word ❌Icebreaker❌

Here’s tip 1 👇

icebreaker image


Team Building Activity Ideas Near Liverpool


Looking for options elsewhere? Flexible on location?

If so, we have these resources too:

Team Building Activities in Chester & Across Cheshire

Team Building Activities in Lancashire

Team Building Activities in Manchester


✅ And that’s a team building wrap ✅

Whatever you pick to do, we hope you and your team have a great time together in Liverpool! 🙂

Have fun!

From Aaron & Team Laughtercise


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