8 Fun Team Building Activities in York

Written by Aaron

Laughtercise Owner & Facilitator of Fun

Romans called it Eboracum, Saxons knew it as Eoforwick and the Vikings named it Jorvik.

And now just York. Wonderful York.



⭐ Random fact about York ⭐

According to The Fact Site, and only in York, the law states that it is legal to shoot a Scotsman carrying a crossbow, except for on Sundays. However, any Scotsman caught drunk or with a weapon can still be shot on a Sunday.

Interesting huh? 😀


Random York fact done ✅ it’s now time to let your team loose in York (but be careful if you have any Scotsmen on your team!)

My name is Aaron. We’re Laughtercise. It’s great to have you here today! We’re team building experts and we want to help you with team building ideas in York ⚡

Are you planning a full away day in York? Check out our full guide on how to smash your Corporate Away Day.

If it’s just a single team building activity you’re looking for, we’ve researched and picked 8 of the very best. Dive in and get deciding! 👇



8 Fun Team Building Activities in York


Activity 1 – Laughtercise


Laughtercise Corporate Team Building Workshops are ranked as ‘the best team building activity I’ve ever experienced’ by 52% of team building session attendees and 👉 here are 8 reasons why 👈

Just imagine your team playing these wild games 👇

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your office or away day/conference location.

team after laughtercise session   team after laughtercise session   team after laughtercise session


Activity 2 – Mindlock York

Is there anyone in your team who you wouldn’t like to be locked up in a room with?! If there is someone you have mind, you better escape! 😂 Check out Mindlock York and their ‘Cluedo’ and ‘The Dark Arts’ rooms. For more Escape Rooms in York, check out the 10 Best York Escape Rooms on Trip Advisor.

Location: 9 & 10 Tower Street, Y01 9SA


Activity 3 – Puttstars York

Get your team being social putterflies while they have a round of golf together! It’s time to par-tee! (I know, I know…pure cheese 🧀)

For more crazy golf locations in York, check out the The Best Crazy Golf Locations in York on Trip Advisor.

Location: Kathryn Ave, Huntington, YO32 9AF


Activity 4 – Cooper King Distillery Gin Tour

Did somebody say gin?! A guided tour of England’s only self-built whisky and gin distillery, situated in the picturesque countryside, 10 miles north of York. Get your team ready to smell, touch and taste the key botanicals used in gin distillation.

You’ll also be introduced to the wonderful Tasmanian copper whisky still – the only one of it’s kind in the Northern Hemisphere!

Location: The Old Stable, Stillington Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, YO61 1EH


Activity 5 – Taken Treasure Hunt

A cunning cat burglar has sneaked in and stolen a briefcase full of your company documents! Your team will be split up into smaller groups and have to track down the documents, solving puzzles and working with covert field agents. The fastest team of budding detectives who recovers the ‘Taken’ briefcase first will win!

Location: Anywhere in Yorkshire! Comes to your office or away day/conference location.


A Quick Team Building Group Exercise!

Are you up for a mid-quest challenge? If so, challenge your mind with a Laughtercise Corporate Team Building Workshop warm-up exercise. Think the below looks easy? Think again! Give it a go, it’s harder than it looks!


Activity 6 – York’s Chocolate Story 

There is a chocolate tour in York that does chocolate tasting. A team building activity with chocolate tasting…job done I say 🍫

On this tour you will learn how to taste chocolate like a professional. Imagine that as a job…‘Professional Chocolate Taster’.  The job actually exists, the dream is real.

Location: 3-4 King’s Sq, YO1 7LD


Activity 7 – Cuisine Team Cooking

Ready, steady, cook! Can your team take the heat? Watch professional chefs give you a flavour of their cooking skills. You will then battle to out-cook the other teams and create two courses to put before the judges!

Location: Many York locations. Comes to your office or away day/conference location.


Activity 8 – York Motorsports Village

team go karting

Who is the fastest in your team? Want some high octane York team building? This is bound to give your thrill-seekers all the action they can handle!

Location: Kathryn Avenue, Monks Cross Leisure Park, YO32 9JS


More Team Building Ideas in York


Sports Team Bonding Ideas in York

Bronze, silver or gold? An Olympic Games experience will fire up the competition in your team! This fun packed day allows your team to experience a little taster of what it’s like to be an Olympian. Sort of 😁

If you’re up for some different kinds of sport…BANG!…check out the Country Games experience. Archery, laser clay shooting, segways, quad bikes and duck herding! This is maximum outside fun for your team!


Corporate Away Day Ideas in York

Are you planning a full away day for your team in York?

If so, check out our full guide on how to smash your Corporate Away Day

And read our resource on Icebreaker Games For Adults At Work to find out why you should stop using the word ❌Icebreaker❌

Here’s tip 1 👇


icebreaker image


Unusual Team Building Activities in York

Looking for something unusual for your team in York?

How fast can your team go? Who is the most competitive? Who will become CUP champion? Find out the answers as you get your team Laughtercised!

Did somebody say chocolate? Why not treat your team to their very own chocolate factory as they have a day of making chocolate!


Corporate Event Ideas in York

There’s been a murder and your team need to find the culprit! Have a classic Murder Mystery Night as your team work together and become sleuths!

Boom or Bust? Buy or Sell? Which team member will be crowned the wolf of wall street as your team battle it out in the epic Stocks & Shares team building event?!


Indoor Team Building Activities in York

Any MasterChef’s in your team? Get your team grilled with a Cuisine Cooking Challenge with professional chefs.

Who in your team has the best ‘pencil pout’? Who would be the ‘CUP’ champion? Check out wild fun and giggles with some Laughtercise!


Free Team Building Ideas in York

Have you got a limited budget but still want to wow your team? 

Check out some wild and fun activities that you can facilitate yourself in our complete guide to Team Building Activities and get your team looking like this 👇

team doing team building activity team doing team building activity team doing team building activity


Corporate Day Out Ideas in York

If your team fancy an analytical and cryptic challenge, check out a Taken Challenge or a Round the World Challenge. These will challenge the minds of your team and see how well they can work together!


Outdoor Team Building Activities in York

It doesn’t get more outside and wild than It’s A Knock Out! Get your teams battling it out with Human Table Football, Giant Inflatable Volleyball, Human Demolition and Sumo Relay!

Treat your team to an Apprentice Styled Team Building Challenge. Who will be hired and who will be fired?!


✅ And that’s a team building wrap ✅


Whatever you pick to do, we hope you and your team have a great time together in York! 🙂

Have fun!

From Aaron & Team Laughtercise


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