Coronation Party Games

Written by Aaron Betesta

Laughtercise Owner & Team Building Facilitator

You know those union jack paper cups and plates you’ve brought…would you like them to have two uses??

Well, we have two games that you can play with them! 😁

One is wild and one is creative!!! Adults and children can play them both.


Coronation Party Games (game 1)

Head, Shoulders, Knees, CUP!

Who will be crowned the king or queen of this game? πŸ‘‘


This game will create a massive amount of competitiveness and a copious amount of laughter!


After you’ve played this game, your paper cups will no longer be usable πŸ˜‚


Check out several teams playing it here πŸ‘‡

You will need:

πŸ“ Paper cups (1 per two people)

πŸ“ To line up tables so everyone can be facing each other (like in the video)


πŸ“ Instruct each person to face another person

πŸ“ Tell everyone that you will be shouting out ‘head’, ‘shoulders’ and ‘knees’ and they have to follow the instruction

πŸ“ Tell everyone that when you shout ‘cup’, they have to grab the cup. First person to grab it wins!

πŸ“ You can rotate everyone so they face everyone at the party

πŸ“ Tell everyone to keep count of how many battles they win!

πŸ“ Crown the winner!


Check out the laughter this game creates πŸ‘‡


Coronation Party Games (game 2)

Draw your crown!

Your union jack paper plates have two uses too…

  1. To eat from
  2. To draw on (on your head!)

Video and written instruction below:

You will need:

πŸ“ 1 paper plate per person

πŸ“ 1 pen per person


πŸ“ Step 1 – Instruct everyone to put their paper plate on their headΒ 

πŸ“ Step 2 – Instruct everyone to draw a picture of a crown on their paper plate

πŸ“ Step 3 – Instruct everyone to write their name underneath their crown

πŸ“ Step 4 – Give them 1 minute and get them to draw!

πŸ“ Step 5 – After 1 minute, ask everyone to remove their plate and show to everyone around themΒ 


⚑️ Everyone’s drawing will be funny, so no one will feel awkward about their lack of artistic ability

⚑️ Everyone will have a great laugh about each other’s drawings


Want more unusual activities to get groups and teams smiling?

Yes? Well, check out ourΒ  Unusual Team Building Activities Β resource then!


Long live the king! 🀴

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