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Written by Harriet

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Suffolk. It’s pretty darn big. So if you’re looking for good hen do ideas in Suffolk, you could be searching Google for a while. But do you know what’s also big? This resource for hen do ideas in Suffolk ⚡

Hello there! 👋 My name is Harriet and I’m a Facilitator of Fun at Laughtercise For Hen Parties.

I want to help you with one thing….having a gigantic amount of hen do fun!

This resource is jam-packed full with ideas. Partying in Ipswich? Ripping it up in Bury St Edmunds? Or have you just booked a cottage and you’re looking for activities to come to you?

Just click for what you’re looking for 👇



What are popular hen do activities in Suffolk?


Some of the most popular activities for hen do ideas in Suffolk are spa days, cocktail masterclasses, afternoon tea and dance classes.

We’ve picked out our top picks for you (and some of them are quite ‘out there’!


Would you fancy starting with a random fact about Suffolk? Well, we are… and it’s not a choice 😁

⭐ Random Fact About Suffolk! ⭐ It is home to the smallest pub in Britain. It’s in Bury St Edmunds and it’s called The Nutshell. It can only fit 20 people. So it’s probably not one for your hen crew! 😁


Let’s jump straight into the juicy stuff! Ready?


Hen Party Ideas in Ipswich


Lovely Ipswich! Did you know in the 600s Ipswich was called Gippaswic? Well, you know now! 😁

We’ve picked out two hen do activities in Ipswich that might tickle your fancy 👇


🔪 Cluetopia Escape Rooms 🔪

Do your hens like a murder mystery? Because it’s 1978 and your evening at the nightclub has ended in disaster! You hear rumours that the ‘King of Groove’ has been murdered! What you are about to find inside is not groovy! I hope you manage to escape or it’s your hen party over. Ranked #3 out of 38 for Fun & Games Activities in Ipswich on Trip Advisor.


🍸 Cocktail Masterclass at The Gallery 🍸

Bring out the cocktails! The Gallery’s house mixologists will teach you the classic techniques of cocktail mixology. You’ll be trained in the classic art of shaking and stirring your cocktail to perfection. Watch out as you stand up afterwards though! 😁


Hen Do Ideas in Bury St Edmunds


⭐ Random Fact About Bury St Edmunds! ⭐ In medieval times, the single largest Witch Trial was held in Bury St Edmunds. None of your hens are witches are they?! 😁

We’ve picked out two great hen do ideas specific to Bury St Edmunds 👇


💆‍♀️ Ickworth Hotel Spa Day 💆‍♀️

Who doesn’t love a spa day?! Enjoy a splash in the pool, or indulge in a treatment with some me-time (and hen-time!)


Afternoon Tea at the Angel Hotel

Tea, cake and relaxation…mmmmm. Teas from around the world, a selection of savory delights, fruit scones with jam and Jersey cream, with a variety of homemade cakes. Save room for prosecco!


Hen Party Ideas in Suffolk Accommodation


Have you booked a cottage? Looking for hen activities to come to you? Here are 2 ideas 👇


😁 Laughtercise 😁

Would you like your hens and bride to look like this? 👇




If yes, you need to get your hen crew Laughtercised

If your hen crew are up for the most amount of fun they’ve ever had at a hen party, Laughtercise is for them.




Just imagine your hen crew playing these two wild games 👇


Laughtercise creates the most amount of smiles and giggles you’ll ever see at a hen do.

We can cater for all group sizes from 6 and a session can last from 1hr to 2.5hrs.

⚡ Click here to get your hen crew Laughtercised! ⚡


🌼 The Crafty Hens Flower Crown Workshop 🌼

Is your bride a crafty soul? Are you having a festival themed hen party? If so, make your own beautiful handmade flower crown with the crafty hens! All with Faux flowers, leafy foliage, ribbons and embellishments. Everyone can select flowers to their preferred colour scheme and create crowns to their own taste. You can even keep your crown and wear it all year round!


Hen Do Ideas On The Suffolk Coast


Their are some wonderful beaches in Suffolk! Check out the top 12 Suffolk beaches by ‘The Beach Guide’ UK.

Check out the coastal towns of Southwold & Aldeburgh. Some nice shops for the hen crew to peruse!


Hen Night Ideas Suffolk


Are you hosting your own hen night in Suffolk? Keeping costs low? Looking for some games to play?

If so, check out our Hen Party Games resource for 4 wild and hilarious games to get you all giggling!


Stag Night Ideas Suffolk


Let’s not forget the stags too! Let’s keep the boys happy 😁 Tell them about our wild ‘head, shoulders, knees, CUP!’ game which is perfect for some stag competition! 🏆


And that brings us to the end! 


Hungry for more? Looking for more insight and ideas? We have more resources that give creative tips…


Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages


Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups


Hen Party Ideas For Large Groups


Hen Party Ideas For Non Drinkers


With or without us, we hope you absolutely smash your hen party in Suffolk for your bride! 💥 Have fun!

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