21 hen do ideas in Kent, Canterbury & Maidstone!

Written by Harriet

Facilitator of Fun - Laughtercise For Hen Parties

My name is Harriet and we’re Laughtercise. It’s great to have you here today! 😁

I want to help you with one thing….having a gigantic amount of hen do fun in Kent!


Would you fancy starting with a random fact about Kent? Well, we are… and it’s not a choice 😁


⭐ Random Fact About Kent! ⭐ Britain’s only officially recognised desert is located at Dungeness, the shingle beach at the southernmost point in Kent.


Interesting huh? But I don’t think visiting a desert on your hen do is a top option is it? 😆 So let’s jump straight into things!

Celebrating all over Kent? Partying in Maidstone? Ripping it up in Canterbury?

Just click on what you’re looking for on the table of contents 👇



10 hen do ideas across Kent to impress your hen crew!


1. Laughtercise!


Massive smiles, belly laughs and contagious chuckles. If your hen crew are up for the most amount of fun they’ve ever had at a hen party, a Laughtercise For Hen Party Session is for them!

Just imagine your hen crew playing this wild game 👇 Which of your hens would win?! 🏆


Laughtercise is the ultimate test of how well your hens can work together. And how competitive they are! 💪

So…are you ready to grin before the gin? 😁


Click here to find out more and to get you hen crew Laughtercised!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen party accommodation.


2. Kent Cookery School

Ok, so this hen do activity involves you cooking. But you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen on your own. You’re with the girls. And you’re cooking up a storm.

Check out some of themes you can choose:

😋 Mexican Fiesta

😋 Tapas & Prosecco

😋 Macaron Madness

😋 Indian Fake-Away

It’s a 3-hr activity and a minimum of 8 hens.

Location: The Courtyard, Mersham Le Hatch, Hythe Rd, Ashford TN25 6NH

Click here to find out more about Kent Cookery School.


3. Spa Day at Eastwell Manor

Give your hens a wonderful relaxing experience nestled in the rolling countryside of Kent! High-tech thermal experiences, a medi-pedi lounge and a huge swimming pool. Is a hen do even a hen do without a spa day…? 😁
For more spa ideas in Kent, check out the selection on SpaBreaks.
Location: Eastwell Park, Ashford TN25 4HR

Click here to find out more about Eastwell Manor.


4. Afternoon Tea at Port Lympne Hotel

This isn’t just afternoon tea. It’s historic afternoon tea in a mansion house. Winston Churchill & Charlie Chaplin have sipped tea at the Port Lympne Hotel, so you’ll be joining a pretty good club. The mansion includes 14 acres of landscaped gardens that your hen crew can walk around to help their afternoon tea go down.

Cream or jam first? Pinkies up or down? Read this article on Afternoon Tea Etiquette for some top tips 😂

Location: Aldington Rd, Lympne, Hythe CT21 4PD

Click here to find out more about the Port Lympne Hotel.

For more afternoon tea ideas, check out this guide about The Best Afternoon Teas in Kent.


5. Wine Tours of Kent

This is a hen do activity that includes drinking wine. Do I need to go on or are you sold already? 😆

In fact, it’s a tour of drinking wine. It’s lunch. It’s the Kent countryside. It’s the girls. It’s wine! Is that hen do perfection or what?!

Location: All over Kent!

Click here to find out more about Wine Tours of Kent.


6. Pure Mini Golf

This is portable mini golf! Pure mini golf have set up their courses with all sorts of accessories to give your hens the most personalised game of mini golf you have ever had! Guaranteed to be PURE mini golf fun!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen do accommodation.

Click here to find out more about Pure Mini Golf.


7. Red 2 Red Boat Tours

Who doesn’t love a boat tour?! Round the Russian cold war submarine before emerging under the “Old Bridge” to marvel in the stunning vista of Rochester Castle and Cathedral from the water.

Location: 173 Pier Rd, Gillingham ME7 1UB

Click here to find out more about the boat tour.


8. Hysteria Escape Room

The clock is ticking, and your hens must find the antidote before time runs out and the zombie virus spreads to every living soul! Can your hens work together to overcome the challenges and save humanity from the zombie apocalypse? The fate of the world is in your hands.

Location: 38A High Street, Chatham, Rochester, Kent, ME4 4EA

Click here to find out more about Hysteria.


9. Go Karting at Buckmore Park

go karting

Who is the fastest hen? Want some high octane hen do fun? This is bound to give your thrill-seeking hens all the action they can handle!

Location: Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, Maidstone Rd, Chatham ME5 9QG

Click here to find out more about Go Karting at Buckmore Road.


10. The Crafty Hens Flower Crown Workshop

Is your bride a crafty soul? Are you having a festival themed hen party? If so, make your own beautiful handmade flower crown with the crafty hens! All with Faux flowers, leafy foliage, ribbons and embellishments. Everyone can select flowers to their preferred colour scheme and create crowns to their own taste. You can even keep your crown and wear it all year round!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen party accommodation.

Click here to find out more.


7 Marvelous Hen Do Ideas in Maidstone


1. This Art of Mine

Arty hens, step forward! Hens who love the film Ghost, step forward too 😁

Your hen crew will get the chance create some wonderful pottery. You’ll even have the chance to create and paint a piece together. Which would make a fab gift for your bride.

Location: Little Budds Farm, Coldblow Lane, Thurnham, Maidstone, ME14 3LR

Click here to find out more about This Art of Mine.


2. Maidstone Distillery Tour & Tasting 

In this activity your hens will be welcomed with a double George Bishop Gin. I mean, welcomed… with gin. It’s a top notch hen party activity already right?

It’s 90 minutes of spirited fun. You will hear about the 200 year history of the distillery and see how the crafted spirits are made. And, most importantly, you get to try them!

Click here to find out more about the tour.


3. Laughtercise!

Which of your hens has the strongest ‘pencil pout’…?


Just imagine your hen crew playing this wild game 👇 Which of your hens would win?! 🏆


Laughtercise is the most amount of fun you will EVER have at a hen do!


Click here to find out more and to get you hen crew Laughtercised!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen party accommodation.


4. Elveys Canoe

Are your hen party up for some a water adventure? If so, get ready to canoe or kayak down the River Medway! Tandem canoes and tandem & solo kayaks are all available and they can cater for individuals and groups of all sizes. Ranked #1 of 18 for activities in Maidstone on Trip Advisor. Only available during Spring and Summer.

Click here to find out more about Elveys Canoe.


5. Maidstone River Cruise

Ahoy Matey! All aboard the ‘Kentish Lady’ river boat for a unique 1hr experience of River Medway. There are authentic day boats to self-drive. Excursions are available between Spring and Autumn. Ranked #2 of 18 for activities in Maidstone on Trip Advisor. Most importantly…there is a bar on board 🥂

Click here to find out more about the cruise.


6. Prison Island Maidstone

Prison Putt is one of the world’s only prison themed adventure golf courses, which shares many interactive escape room elements! It’s crazy golf but EVEN CRAZIER!

Click here to find out more about Prison Island.


7. Go Ape Leeds Castle

Are your hens adventurous? If so, get them climbing in the trees at Leeds Castle! There are three high rope experiences, including high-speed ziplines, free-fall tarzan swings, and a host of tricky tree-to-tree crossings!

Click here to find out more about Go Ape Leeds Castle.


4 Fun Hen Do Ideas in Canterbury


Canterbury, deriving from the Germanic name ‘Cantwara-burh’, which meant ‘the fortified town of the Men of Kent’. Will the men of Kent be ready and excited to see your hen crew? 😁

We’ve picked out four hen do activities in Canterbury that might tickle your fancy 👇


1. Escape in the Towers

Do your hens fancy solving some mysteries? Can they figure out who committed the Magna Carta Murder? Can you all escape from the Crime & Punishment Lab? All set within England’s largest surviving medieval gateway built in 1380, this escape rooms is sure to go down a treat. Ranked #1 of 23 Fun & Games in Canterbury. We hope you do escape otherwise it would be the end of your hen do.

Click here to find out more about Escape in the Towers.


2. Laughtercise!

Just imagine your hen crew playing this wild game 👇 Which of your hens would win?! 🏆


And which of your hens has the strongest pencil pout…?


Laughtercise is the most amount of fun you will EVER have at a hen do!


Click here to find out more and to get you hen crew Laughtercised!

Location: Anywhere! Comes to your hen party accommodation.


3. Canterbury Historic River Tours

Is your bride into history? Is she a culture vulture? If so, get her exploring historic Canterbury with an award-winning guided river tour. Discover the city’s hidden secrets along the beautiful River Stour that flows through the heart of Canterbury. Then hop off and get a drink…because…well, just because.

Click here to find out more about Canterbury Historic River Tours.


4. Falstaff Canterbury Cocktail Masterclass

Bring out the cocktails! How tasty can you make them? As a group you’ll decide on 3 of your favorite cocktails that everyone will get to make with Falstaff’s mixologists. You will hear about tips, tricks and techniques in the 90-minute class. Take it easy as you stand up after though 😁

Click here to find out more about Falstaff Canterbury.


More Hen Party Ideas in Kent!


Free Hen Night Ideas in Kent

Are you just having your own hen do at home and are looking for fun activities to play?

If so, check out our Hen Party Games for some wild and fabulously fun games!



What are the most popular hen do activities in Kent?

The most popular hen do activities in Kent are cocktail masterclasses, river cruises, vineyard tours, afternoon teas, bottomless brunches, spa days, escape rooms, go ape and cookery experiences.


Creative Tips For Your Hen Do

Hungry for even more ideas? 😀 Check out these resources:

Hen Party Ideas For Large Groups

Hen Party Ideas For Pregnant Brides

Hen Party Ideas For Non-Drinkers

Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

Hen Party Ideas For Under-18s

Hen Party Ideas For Small Groups


Hen Party Packages in Kent

If you’re looking for packages of hen do activities in Kent, the only places to get full packages of accommodation + activities are Maidstone & Canterbury. Check out GoHen for Maidstone and Red Cactus Events for Canterbury. Butler in the buff? An Abba dance class? Bottomless brunch? Take your pick!


Outdoor Hen Party Ideas in Kent

Great outdoor hen party ideas in Kent are Go Ape at Leeds Castle, a cruise along the river Stour, a cruise along the river Medway, having a paddle at Elevys Canoe and touring a vineyard of Kent.


Indoor Hen Party Ideas in Kent

The best indoor hen party ideas in Kent are a cocktail masterclass at the Flastaff Canterbury, making an escape at Escape in the Towers, getting creative with This Art of Mine and cooking up a storm at Kent Cookery School!


Hen Party Accommodation & Hen Party Houses in Kent

There is some brilliant hen party accommodation in Kent. There is the Old Station House. This used to be full of fire engines, unfortunately no firemen still reside here, but it does cater for 18 hens. If having a hot tub is a must for your hen tribe, check out a big list of Kent party houses with a hot tub.



Hen Do Activities Near Kent


If you’re basing your hen crew near the Kent border, we also have these resources:

Hen Do Ideas in Essex

Hen Do Ideas in London

Hen Do Ideas in Surrey

Hen Do Ideas in Sussex


That’s it from me! I hope you have a wonderful time with your hen crew in Kent! 😀

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